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Ultra SUN Ultra MOON

♂♀Protagonists from the upcoming 2017 Pokemon UltraSun & UltraMoon

Last year they released Pokemon Sun/Moon on my birthday
This year again they'll release PokemonUS/UM on my birthday (1day before my bday this time)

Bless you Nintendo and R.I.P wallet :bye:

ORAS version
OMEGA Ruby ALPHA Sapphire by kawacy
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Beautiful! :D

I like ur art bro

I love this so much

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Failed with everything, no hate to the art tho
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Love it but... anime wise, Sun and Moon
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Failed with everything, no hate to the art tho
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So pretty! I love how the rainbow effect makes everything look like they're in sea mist--such attention to detail! Love 
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So cute! I ship them EVEN MORE. 
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Beautifully done! RIP wallet, indeed.
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This is beautiful!!! Immediately caught my eye. I love your attention to detail and your style.
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I don't know about anyone else, but I love both protagonists for Ultra Sun and Moon. It felt almost wrong to change their clothes because what they had by default was either cute af or suited them and looked odd in anything else (mainly the boy). I kept their hats on the entire time; again, very cute hats and for once couldn't part with them. Eventually I changed the girl's default shirt to the pokeball shirt (I immediately liked it on her but not the boy so much) and gave her OTK black socks but that it wasn't until Mama's trial that I changed it.

And did you know this pic been faved 10.1k times? Most faved pokemon related pic I've seen to date.
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Ohh!! They released it a day before my birthday last year, and this one was released two days before my birthday.. 
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Really liking your own artstyle here! It really gives a new perspective on the game!
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Looks adorable. Each character, including the Pokemon, all seem to have a youthful energy about them.
Not just that they are drawn young, but looking at it makes the viewer feel younger.

Happy early birthday! I can't wait to pick up the game. I'm going to have a blast <3
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I saw you in road island today
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Aaaw that Litten is so cute !
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There is so much detail and again you have not failed to captivate me, with permission I would love to use this as my background :)  
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All those details, gosh! She looks especially cute, even though her one eye's upper lid seems a bit harshly angled^^
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