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Two Sides of a Coin

"A flipped coin doesn't always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all."

bless Nintendo for the comeback of Elite Four member: Grimsley in Sun and Moon.
though he looks so different and depressed, he still is Grimslaying.
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Notre homme à tous 😔👌🏻
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Isn't SM only like a couple years after black and white? Poor him, I wonder what happened. I hope this give him more of a story soon.
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this reminds me i still need to fight the elite four... I literally just stopped, saved in front of the door, and never went back to the game. -_-
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Your profile pic kinda looks like Grimsley
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Time has not aged gracefully for this rambling, gambling dude.
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Omg he's back!! So much yes!
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I LOVE his new look. And I love how he has a Skarmory catch the coin!
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He looks like a skarmory
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Nice job with this! Love the shadings! 
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le di tantas veces a favorito que ya ni se si lo tengo o no xD 
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Why is Grimsley so hot, even when he's old...
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He is'nt old. He's just dying his hair and wearing makeup. 
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I doubt the S/M games are that far from the BW games. The white hair is probably just his new aesthetic, he looks about 28-30 to me...
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S/M takes place 8 years after BW, 6 after B2W2
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Either way he still looks hot
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hell yea

i still have the hots for colress
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Always fantastic!
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