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The Rise of Kinesis

By kawacy
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bless Nexon for MapleStory’s Kinesis
watch Kinesis animated trailer: here
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Your art has been reposted here without credit:  Emergence by AnimaSmith1234
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Oh sorry,it's my fault
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Btw,I'm just edit it for fun,not for commercial purposes.If Kawacy want me delete it,I will do 
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The facial expression, his movement and other effects are nicely drew and painted! So powerful!
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Reminds me of Hibari Kyoya from khr...
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Glad to see I'm not alone lol xD
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Watch it he gonna bite us to death and use telekinesis if we keep talking.  OMG, he would be an unstoppable skylark XD 
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I honestly wouldn't mind him coming over right and butchering me if it means I can hug him at least once xD
No, he wouldn't be, since he had always been unstoppable ;P
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Kawacy-senpai's drawing make Kinesis even hawter... my heart can't take the heat desu... :nosebleed: 
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So super totally HOT! Would it be fine if we shared this on our official MapleStory social media channels? Thank you!
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Dou U know I am like him! I'm also Kinesisean and I've got the same hair Color and eyes ( i am female )....stalker...
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Why does he look so much like Hibari Kyoya?
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I have to say your page here is pretty awesome 
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I fucking love this!!! >w<
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Oi watch your language Mister
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That trailer looks so badass, but all I could think was "That poor train driver" lmao XD
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