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Swings both ways

By kawacy
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Moral of the story: Hijikata is not gay :XD: jk I mean...Never assume someone's sexuality.

Bullet; RedThank you for Pixiv Daily Ranking Number#1 on this piece + all the love on Twitter!!!

Oda Nobunaga, Hijikata Toshizou, Okita Souji, and Chacha
a.k.a the GUDAGUDA squad.
from Fate/Grand Order

based on short comic made by うにゃ
Thank you again for the permission to remake and translate this wonderful short comic!

Remake illustration + translation by me
original concept + story by: うにゃ(unyanai)
original Japanese version: link

more Okita&Nobu
Confession by kawacy
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© 2018 - 2020 kawacy
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Hehe, your comics are often so funny. I love Oda's face in the last panel too, so smug. :XD: This is very cute!
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How are you able to come up with interesting comic panels like this? Can you tell me? I wanna learn how to storyboard too but I dunno what to do, how to be "original".
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Rolling-PotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
Best comeback ever! XD
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Laugh Out Loud  Well played :)
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JapanZeldaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha ha, that's amazing!
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Well OF COURSE she swings both ways, she's interested in the Master, after all.
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GardnerDUHobbyist Photographer
Old joke, told well, great art
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xXWarrior-AngelXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
So... threesome?

(But in all seriousness, Nobu's face at the end is like a rape face. I'd probably back up a bit if I were Hijikata TBH)
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RENEWAL-ARTHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing art!
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jasonjonreStudent Digital Artist
Unlucky-day-for-Fay's avatar
Ah! He looks like Mugen from Samurai Champloo
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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
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SibArtsmenStudent General Artist
She likes what I like X3
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rae-jaeStudent General Artist
"why me too"

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Void-EntityHobbyist General Artist
It's me
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RoseMaylieGottschalkStudent General Artist
Hijikata is fineee
EvilMurder's avatar
nobu is amazing
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Your art style is just to beautiful
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SakirinMiuHobbyist Digital Artist
Scouts Amazing Adventures! The Emote 1 
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I love this xD
but the yaoi? e w e
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EKhasadrawingthingieStudent Digital Artist
This is so pretty jfc
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AzzouBKStudent Digital Artist
THE ART is Free Choc Heart Icon 
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maxjpzStudent Digital Artist
Of course you do Nobu. Of course you do.
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