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Suave kiss

By kawacy
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my favorite type of kiss :)
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Crysta--LynxHobbyist General Artist

I love it aaa

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nymeriadireStudent Traditional Artist

So beautifully sweet and adorable! :heart:

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Similar glitters from her dress are falling from my eyes now.

The drawing is awesome (*) G(*)/

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Amazing and beautiful artwork! :D

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SkillectrotechNew Deviant

Beautiful work~

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VIOLETxKISSHobbyist Traditional Artist

Just one word: GORGEOUS

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IcySidneyHobbyist Digital Artist

This work is gorgeous! So gently and sweet~

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Amethyst-PhoenixxHobbyist General Artist


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Yeah, that's the best kind of kiss!!

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xxzuritxxHobbyist General Artist
So cute and adorable
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Aiko-HirochoProfessional General Artist

that kinda kiss is very gentleman like and as it say caleb is so "gentle"

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superSAKURA64Hobbyist Digital Artist

God this is beautiful. That dress, omg.

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Omg This is soo beautifuul!!!

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OMG she's soooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Just this adorable girl blushing SO hard and this mysterious guy, lol. It's so endearing!

GumballBlower's avatar

Your art is so mesmerizing. I can't look away! Wonderful job.

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SkillectrotechNew Deviant

Beautiful art~

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EmlisHobbyist Digital Artist

So cute

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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist


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BlueRainArtistryHobbyist Digital Artist

Heart Love

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Klaudia-AyameProfessional General Artist

Awwwwwwwwwww so cute rainbow heart 2

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BunMuffinStudent General Artist

To anyone who doesn't fully understand this ship, I would HIGHLY suggest reading Kawacy's description of this ship here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEmoUaIBz0U/?igshid=6dolonx0wda1

I notice that kawacy doesn't post a lot of art of her as a little girl here. It could be the fact cause they're just sketches/non polished art or because he's trying to hide the fact that this man raised her as a child and those comics/artwork exposes that. A lot of people started question what their relationship really was after seeing a lot of artwork with her as a little girl and in the link above it shows that this man did indeed raise her like an adoptive father and then later fell in love with her. Many people saw this as grooming, others saw it as not grooming but still really gross, some don't see it gross at all.

This is just for information sake, as I know some people are rather sensitive to this topic, and its only fair that his audience on dA understands whats going on just as much as his audience on twitter and instagram.

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Well thats weird

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Ui-AzumaHobbyist Digital Artist

This is so so precious. ;v;

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ninryuHobbyist Digital Artist

i got your heart

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