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Someone To Protect

when you have someone to protect
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I Just saw your work on internet about story love of Caleb and your charecter omg really apreciated;-;

AmestaO3O's avatar

Gorgeous scene. I feel the drama :D

nymeriadire's avatar

Beautifully outstanding and amazingly done & love his rage worried expression that someone hurt his true love, Fantastic job! :love: :heart: :love:

kawacy's avatar

Thank you for your kind words and love! I'm glad you can feel the emotion in this one :hug: There's gonna be a war after this for sure haha.. a bloody one.

nymeriadire's avatar

Your so very welcome, interesting indeed!! :nuu:

SkiesSparrow's avatar

Oh dear..... Caleb is pissed.....

kawacy's avatar

I feel like there's gonna be a war after this :XD: a bloody one.

Ace9321's avatar

If you see this. Turn around and walk away you gon die

kawacy's avatar

Indeed, I wouldn't want to mess with a dangerous vampire.

Ace9321's avatar

Nah that man has murder in his eyes. If your friend fucked with him say your good byes. If you fucked with him promptly find the quickest way to end your life it'll be a mercy. If you can get away with just turning around and walking off thank every god in existence cause that was a miracle

JapanZelda's avatar

When you have someone to protect, you became stronger ~~

Love this picture, I can feel the love in his eyes even though he's really angry!

kawacy's avatar

Yes :love: it's nice to have someone to protect and someone who'd protect you back. Thank you as always for your kindness! Indeed, I wouldn't want to mess with a dangerous vampire.

ArticunoQueenV's avatar

:happybounce: AAAAAAA SHIP!! also gurl lowkey still look fabulous even tho she knocked out

kawacy's avatar

Thank you so much!! :heart: Agreed, while I would probably look like a rotten potato knocked out lol.

ArticunoQueenV's avatar

Ur welcome! but for real same, I would look like a weird srunched up balloon XD

Kyouken0w0's avatar
kawacy's avatar

Thank you!! :huggle:

jehyoko's avatar

Uau que lindo, ele está bravo! Poxa vida, estou com certa nostalgia desse cena... Será que foi um rework?

De qualquer forma está lindo demais TuT~ as cores, das poses... Sempre surpreendendo a gente!

kawacy's avatar

This one was posted on Instagram not too long ago, it's not a repost however! :D This one is the completed 100% colored version full with background. Thank you for noticing! Thank you as always for your kind words and love, I hope to see you on the next one as well :heart:

RemaGeek's avatar

"The one who harmed May, SHALL PAY WITH HIS LIFE!"

kawacy's avatar

Agreed. 10000%. Must protect the little sunshine!

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Ok I’ve been wondering for a while but what software do you use to draw on? I LOVE :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:aidibeowjxbjcuwhskcuehwbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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