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SEI step by step

The full version step by step of the picture:
I don't smile by kawacy
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Hi! Can I post my attempt of following my tutorial on social media? I will give credit to you. I really like your art.
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Sorry for the typos. I meant:

Hi! Can I post my attempt on following your tutorial on social media? I won't claim credit of the original art and state that it was DIRECTLY referenced from your original artwork. And as usual, your art is amazing. The tutorial was also immensely helpful.
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I love this tutorial ^^
This is so beautiful ;-;
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Holy shit dude, that's a great art piece, I gotta give this man a shake. Too good.
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.... what art program do you use??
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that one  really helps! Thank you! :3 <3
Awesome! Boy in the city with cool gear - hell yes! Is he an adventurer? XD Lovely!
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*siiiiighs* *glances at your artwork* *glances at hands*
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You summed up my thoughts lol.
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I can draw with pencils but not with digital -_-
I wanna cry by looking at your atworks
Sugosugite nakishou desu T^T
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I can't Draw well On computer Either!!! Only Paper is My saver! (My computer Only lets me download only so Many things. Thus, I have no Good Programs to use for Digital Art anyway...)
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Fire Alpaca is an extremely lightweight but effective digital art program, if you want to try that. It's got a lot of great features, but takes up a very small amount of space. I'm a Krita user myself, since it's more like photoshop, but Fire Alpaca is like a free SAI...
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the background oh my gosh so cool
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I LOVE IT !!!! 
mikasasid's avatar
how did u do the background
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Is this all in one layer though.
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Nah, in the 3rd pic you can see the black lines are above the skin. Not to mention, erasing the sketch from #1 would be a huge pain to do. Layers are your friend. 
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you're stupid asf
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
Legit question: what reason did you have for being so rude? 
Zetsoon's avatar
I mean look, I checked her gallery and it's prty gr8. How could she not distinguish this piece to be in different layers? Js not trolling
iiAnimeDork's avatar
Do you use a mouse or an iPad?... ;w; I need to know your secret! Lewl
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