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Running is useless

Sabrina was my childhood nightmare she scared the poop out of me but now i’m like no way she’s no nightmare, she’s badass
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She scared me too as a kid. Especially the whole doll house thing. >__< *shivers*

I was just scrolling through your pictures and when I saw this I recognized it as Sabrina by the hair and bracelets before I even realized she was surrounded by spoons lol.
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Eat your heart out neo!
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Sabrina scared the living daylights out of me too as a kid but I was always fascinated with her in the anime. She's become my favorite gym leader now. You did a fantastic job with this painting.
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Ahah really scary in this pic!
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*spoon attack* such boss, much wow
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This is pretty amazing. Do you create your own original characters? If I may ask, do you take requests?
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joseph joestar begs to differ
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I.... I can't describe how good this is...
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Is it the spoon that bends this time.... Nice pic by the way
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Sabrina from Pokemon. She's the Psychic Gym Leader of the Kanto region
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kinda looks like adele from FFTA2
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Hey man, your drawings are great! 
Im just wondering how do you give them that out of focus effect on the lines? do you blur them perhaps?

much appreciate to <3_<3 I LOVE YOUR ART! you're definitely one of my sources of inspiration bro!
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love this pic colors are wonderful love the costume she has on
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Everything about her from the games, manga and anime is just perfect. That's why she will always be one of my most memorable trainers of all time and that's why I'm always searching for more unique art of her
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I think I remember going against her and loosing like, 8 Times already XD
Her Alakazam tho .3.
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All will bow down before Sabrina. I know I would.
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