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before this gets either debunked or confirmed on april 9
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Historia’s hair is so gorgeous and golden, I really love it.

nikkorasu-san's avatar

Straight up oustanding

rytmsincopa's avatar

wow! Nice work, i love it!

superSAKURA64's avatar

Man, this looks so good.

Reyniki's avatar

-Eyebrow wiggles-

Man, I love the detailed set pieces in the background like the chandelier, exquisite pillars and green leaves, then all of that just revealing the glorious duo in the center? Aaaaaaahhhh, LOVE IT! I wish I can talk spoilers but I'm zipping it for the anime onlys that haven't finished the recent season browsing these comments X'D


Hair highlights on Historia

Freaking BEAUTIFUL -slams table-

kawacy's avatar

Thank you so much for your kind and sweet reply! :cries: I'm glad you like the atmosphere in this one! You're very considerate about spoilers too, bless your kind soul. Wish I could fanboy with you about it as well lol. So many things have happened in the manga after all.

Thank you again for everything!! :hug: Hope to see you more here.

kawacy's avatar

Queen step on me :worship:

Polysiert's avatar

I ship them right now! Love this :heart:

kawacy's avatar

Thank you so much and bless your shipping taste :XD:

Valkarheart's avatar
😍 omgsh i love Eren & Historia so prettyy
kawacy's avatar

Bless your taste in characters :heart:

Valkarheart's avatar
😂 thank you, likewise hahah
Stasyan13ART's avatar

Oh my god, this is unrealistic cool !!!

kawacy's avatar

Thank you very much for your kind words! :huggle:

EquestriaCircus1's avatar

looks so cool and classy I love it :love:

kawacy's avatar

Thank you for liking it!! It means a lot to me :cries:

kawacy's avatar

Thank you as always! :hug:

Bro What about dem Dirty hands

kawacy's avatar

haha you still got me

Voice-of-Kujira's avatar

I am more YumiKuri but this is lovely!

kawacy's avatar

I also love YumiKuri :clap: they have amazing and deep bond! But then again I am a multishipper. But thank you very much for your kind words!! //hugs

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