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Phantom step by step

this picture was shared on official maple story's facebook page…
it made my day:)

as always the steps are rough sketch, outline it, color it colorr and colorrr and then magically done
Let me tell you a story by kawacy
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WHAT THE FRICK? Yeah number 1= ehmm yup ok 
number 2: ok... nice lines
number 3: somethings happening....
number 4: so talented
number 5: so beautiful O.O <3
number 6: OMGAWD
number 7: Just died
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ahahaha priceless
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Do you have a tutorial for DETAILED clothing creases because I have no idea how you made those. D:
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I really like these colors
it's a beautfiul work!
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omg. couldn't even draw the 1st step. xD
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already blown away by your other works, then you go ahead and draw phantom, i am truely blessed to be able to see this 
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how long does it take you to draw images like these?
Starlightbeat's avatar
Wow.. what painting software do you use? 
ANIMELOVERXD143's avatar
I wish I can be a great artist like you someday..
VANSIk's avatar
man....thank you. just thank you for doing what you do. I just want you to know that you inspire me and I wish some day I could be as awesome as you are. THANK YOU!
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why did u color the character gray first 
Fanicom's avatar
Which gray? Second tile?
I think it's because she's making a layer to clip on, so the coloring won't go out of the lines. :3
Jokeroon02's avatar
Huge gap between each tiles....
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it is so difficult for me to play as him like i cant even how difficult it is
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amazing :)!! but there's one thing that I never understood...why that red-brown color of base and then the other colors on? I don't get its use O.o..can someone explain this to me?
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i think what that is all about is he is grouping the layers, which is sorta hard to explain P: basically it makes it so the new colors can't go where the red-brown base isnt..... or more simply only appear where the base is. very handy, i use grouping a lot myself. XD
ElyVolpeArtica's avatar
And how does it work exactly? What do I have to do on Ps? Sorry but I'm really interested :P!
slowdragon25's avatar
i dont mind XD im always happy to spread photoshop knowledge haha

so you have a base layer (which you put only where you want restricted color, for example on the person but not the bg), in this case the red-brown layer (i usually use blue), then make a new layer above that layer. then you group the new layer to the base layer (i do this by pressing ctrl+g). then if you color on that grouped layer, it will only show up on the base layer. great for shading and such.
does that make sense?   
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perfectly :)! Thank you so much ^^!!
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cool! :D welcome! 
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