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November brushes set

Just a reminder :)
Soon it will be November and if you want these brushes i made, they will only be available next month (2015 November) as Patreon rewards bonus, so don't miss it.

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Aah, this is awesome 😁

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How i can buy this Brushes !? 
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I'd love to know your SAI settings more than anything tbh
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i will delete my comment<3!
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Thank you for understanding! I did attempt to contact Kawacy myself to see what they think of the situation, and if they would prefer I delete my brushes because they do look similar enough for people to make the mistake! Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from them yet, and probably won't because I can imagine they're extremely busy!

Either way, I'm not very active on deviantart anymore and don't plan to stick around after my core membership runs out soon, so in due time my brushes will no longer be available, and this shouldn't happen anymore. ^^
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ohh sorry for that i think you take it from him!!
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Y......... you do know people can download the image and make a brush in whatever program they use.... right? (idk about other art programs, but Adobe Photoshop lets me make brushes from pretty much anything, as long as i have an image)
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Is it too late to get these brushes?? ;0;
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:D yay, even tho I don't do digital art, I know what 'brushes' are. Which your digital art is most impressive. Let's all just do what we do. Alrighty.
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Oooooh! *grabby hands* I can't wait!
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Wow, that sure is helpful!
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Hello! I want these brushes! For I have this brush I buy patreon of $10 or other?
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Huh. Brushes to draw chains and zippers. Clever.
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Nice job .w.
btw, are you going to continue with Black Blooded? It was amazing and I feel like I need to know what happens now Q-Q
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Teenage, Pregnant, Plus Size Every Types of Women eat fish its best for women
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For buy it, necessarely I have be registered on patreon?
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only brush i need:


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