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who says i hate mikasa :XD:
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Why is this in a lot of peoples' Demon Slayer collections lmao

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Thats a great stuff!

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pure queen of beauty

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she looks like sashu

Beautiful artwork

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mikasa that season look more manly, but i like that one rather

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Nice painting. You must have put alot of effort into it. While it's great to create great content such as this. Don't stress yourself much get sick. Stay healthy.
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Beautifully gorgeous and outstanding details and lots of effort put in, amazingly done! :heart: :heart:

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Stunning work πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Kiri fate sun hokage assistant is LF3 Firzen!


My new pretty wallpaper !!!

Soooo pretty. 😊

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Wonderful artwork!! She looks amazing

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She looks so cool, I love her hair dynamic, nice job!

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How do you do that glitch thingy effect it looks so cool lol

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Wow this is insane the movement and detail you've done for this piece. Holy heck lol I wanna see more of your motion/action pose works. You make it so appealing to look at in any pose. Thank you for this blessing of a works.

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