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Men when a woman cries

Men when a woman cries in front of them..
if May loses to the champion battle then she starts crying
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me : cry all you want im still champion

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clearly im a heartless monster

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The reaction of the guy is kinda adorable XD , like he is touched by it, it's not like he doesn't care.

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may looks so cute and pretty in this drawing ..

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Damn. I cried like this when I lost against him. But I was playing Brendan at the time. Still, I'm a girl in real life, so this counts.
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Steven Hand Icon My mom has tell me this day would happen so i came prepare! -Give chocolate-
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Awww no!! May bby, don't cry!! ;A;
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Aww poor May :(
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Oh come on May, Don't cry about your loss get back up and train harder. Don't just cry about it, just try again next time.
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Or in the oras manga vol. 3

when sapphire finds out the truth of the devon corp.

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Steven, what the hell did you do?
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At least it's not Whitney, that would be way more embarrassing.
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Unless the guy's a dick. Then he'll just be annoyed thinking the girl's such a baby and whiny....which I guess could be true in some cases if the girl's a girl who just cries over everything
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Wonderfully drawn! Honestly, this could be fanfiction inspiration - may no be the champion battle, but something like it.....
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This pictures a very great story and it's so cute! XD
I really love your art style too! :hug:
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This only happens if either the boy is really nice or if the girl hardly cries. 
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Awe poor May. . . Steven you jerk!
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That only happens when the girl is super cute. If the girl isn't, she would be a joke
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And that's how you become champion 
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A girls dirty trick to become a champion XD
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