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Men vs Women Shirts

taken from March 2018 + May 2018 Patreon tutorial rewards :) (Smile)

Full version (up to 24 steps + the basic) + Step by Step videos (♂  ver. total duration: 13min 04sec |  ver. total duration: 14min 51sec)
**All already available: 
Watch the Men♂  Shirt's Speedpaint [Free version]: here
Watch the Women♀ Shirt's Speedpaint [Free version]: here
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Ahhhh more clothing references, these are always a bit help @@ There's always so much detail on them!
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Men & women's shirts are actually buttoned in different ways. Right goes over the left vs. left over right, just a detail lol
Polysiert's avatar
Thank you for making this!
MuzluSut's avatar
What the Fuck happens between 4 and 5 in male shirt !?! Cho Kyuhyun Shocked Racing Girl Emoji (Aaaaaahhh) [V4]  

-As far as i can tell maybe you changed the color of lineart added some highlighters and made those orange extra lines ?-
But even though thank you so much for showing your technique! :3 i'll try it Kao Emoji-79 (Oh thank you) [V4]  
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May I ask what kind of brush do you use for the initial lines? They look so nice and textured, like pencil~ 
amazing stuff, thank you
effasempai's avatar
thank u so much~ that's amazing La la la la 
GraysonZalishqi's avatar
I will be like you someday
LarsWorld's avatar
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Well done! Very useful!
Justine75's avatar
Oooo this is very helpful and also pretty!!
CatGuy2746's avatar
Id think both would win. Both genders seem nice.
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That is really nice! I like the folds and different fabrics, but also remember , Most women's shirt are Right Over Left, while Men's shirt are Left over right. There's a very interesting history about that. 

I still love your works though Kawacy
CinnakinCat's avatar
Right over left?
Hikarisoul2's avatar
buttoned shirts for women usually goes in their design, right over left, meaning the buttons at the left while the holes are the right. :) sorry, I made it confusing. 
LemonF13's avatar
Can we see layers and what use with it (overlay, darken .... ) in video-tutorials or not? :c
Tetris-Brigade's avatar
Nice details. This will help me a lot.
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