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Mega Wailord confirmed

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Nah, Dynamax Wailord could destroy the entire Earth in one Max Strike.

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dynamax intensifies..!
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Trainer: uses dynamax on his pkmn

Wailord: Am I a joke to you?
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they could did it for fun x)
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Can you imagine how Skitty feels?

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Maybe it works because the daycare owner secretly dynamaxes Skitty every time.
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Yup! Explains why they are the only places you can breed Pokemon.
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skitty likes big boys
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Skitty better demand to be on top.
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Okay, I literally laughed out loud for a good 5 seconds straight. x'D
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Even the game's space is not enough XD
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That is probably True if wailord goes Mega XD
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lol I think I had seen this on YouTube or something, and I love it XD so happy I found the artist
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I effing love Wailord
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No mega wailord ._.
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R.I.P Brendan 2014-2017
death by whale
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And there goes the fourth wall.
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and the screen 
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mega wailord: it's literally the same as wailord, but it's now as big as the earth
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hahahh Nice very accurate
Roran-the-Lion's avatar
Probably laughed more than I should hve :'D
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Wailord breaking the fourth wall
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