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Lopunny used ATTRACT

A horde of boys fainted
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Cinderace: holy mama when did you get here oh sexy one. 😏😏😏 UwU
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The best move used by the most attractive Pokemon! :XD:
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nosebleeds all around.
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Trainer: Holy S*it!
Gallade: Oh my.
Garchomp: Dude.
Machamp: All My YES!!
Greninja: ...
Lickilicky: Ah hink ah it iy taung.
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It's Machoke, not Machamp.

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Pedropokefan's avatar
I would love to hear the sounds of these tight stockings hit that sexy legs..
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Benio Nose Bleed Icon OMG!
Mega lopunny was made to be sexy, specially for, because she is kinda flexible.
nekochan1998's avatar
Hehe LOVE IT!!!!! <3 XXX
Nerherverian's avatar
Everything is nosebleeding
artistroll's avatar
Male gardevoire: what happened?

Male gardevoire: oh yeah, that's it,
I'm gay.
forAcro's avatar
Lickylicky tho
DarkHedgehog23's avatar
Ralla use Draining Kiss XD
MadamKatter's avatar
Haha, that trainer in the background, tho
MalphLink's avatar
none of them learned "harder"
heyits-hardy's avatar
its so hot lickilicki is bleeding from its mouth XD
Saur-ssb's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
lol even then trainer was affected
Senpeye's avatar
"It's super effective!"
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Lupunny used ATTRACT!

X Stream Chaos used HARDEN!
Octoboy-the-8th's avatar
Ha ha, I love how the lickilicky's tongue is so big it fills up just about all of his face so he barely even had a nose to bleed from, so it looks as if he's got blood dribbling from is mouth as if he was kicked in the teeth, or maybe just messily devoured a terrified small animal... My mind can think weird things. 
periclipsa's avatar
Lopunny used "attract" on me (^:
It was super effective ;D
Masha26th's avatar
i just realized she is pulling at the leg things
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