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Link step by step

By kawacy
i only have 4 screenshots for this :(
sorry if it's like playing spot the difference
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That's a cool ass Link. I dig it
Jiekkun's avatar
that boi link ready to rumble
Zeldamewmew's avatar
I lost you on steps 3-5. Oh well, guess I have to get mega observant with my eyes. Staring contest go!😐
Delcatycharme's avatar
Love the pissed look~ so precious. 
MyPinkyPromises's avatar
Who else tried to find the difference between pics 2, 3, 4 and 5. Just me. Okay.
ItsKazu's avatar
Somehow your kind of painting is making Link look manlier than he actually is, which is AWESOME! He looks so handsome in this one *q*
(And I'm not even a fan of Legend of Zelda!) Would you mind giving us some of your pro skills xD?
AriaDjDeath's avatar
Wow, is it just me or does Link look really different without his hat? I just didn't recognize him xD
Tyrantaur123's avatar
I tried spotting the difference and i could only guess the at you shaded it more and added textures to the clothing andat the last one you added those white spots or lights
Blue-Memo's avatar
You lost me at step 2 Exo : Kai Laughing 
Z3phyr0s's avatar
I know what you feel :iconmingcryplz:
B-Galaxee's avatar
fuckin same lmao
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I think this has to be the best Link art I have seen!!!
Element2601's avatar
OH WAIT I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE DRAWN MORE!!!! They're all really good!!!
CrystalCritic's avatar
It looks like spot the difference.

you said not to do it so I did it

such rebel
KnockoutSushi's avatar
I love the way you draw ^.^
SonicSpeedX's avatar
Souuuuperrr subarashii!
Denachi's avatar
Totally a fan of your artwork and this Link so Amazing ^^. Great job
Latsirk99's avatar
I like this a lot C:
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