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Let them come

By kawacy
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actually was based on the manga of Youjo Senki: Chapter 11

when Tanya started to doubt her manliness
after being trapped in the body of a little girl for too long ^^;
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Brilliant, but why is her shirt open enough to expose cleavage she doesn’t have yet.
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Her shirt is open enough to reveal the shadow that every breastbone and young lady would have. Nothing wrong with that. 
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Thumbs up! oh wa...
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Linkara: I AM A MAN *PUNCH*
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I think that he's a boy through-and-through. If sex-changes were possible in those times he'd totally have one. However, he'd probably realise that being a woman has it's uses. 
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I love how whenever im searching for fanart, you're always drawing on point whatever im currently fangirling over XDD
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Whos the guy in the background?
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Wow, that's amazing!
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Oh yeah, I remember that part! lol 
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AIyeeeee! love Tanya! <3
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wow, so amazing
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I have such complicated feelings toward Tanya...she's such a cool bitch...but at the same time IDK if I should cheer on a pseudo Nazi psychotic loli lol - v -
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The show is set in world war 1 so she's not a nazi
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That's why i said pseudo lol.... It's just a joke but it feels like they're flirting close to that line since it would be a shitstorm if they actually made it WWII so they went with 2nd reich tbh lol 
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Why doesn't she realize this is an opportunity? What would every horny guy do if stuck in a loli's body? Why does she pass it up? There are moral issues with other-person lolis, but being in one eliminates that issue.

Actually the DVD bonus 4 where she tells Viktoryia not to undress herself, she mentions she no longer feels awkward around naked women. Why?

On other hand, I liked that one because of Visha's reaction. If it's you it's OK
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Wait. I haven't seen the show. SHE'S A NAZI!?!
Shei99's avatar
She's not~ She's a dude reincarnated into an alt universe where it's like similar to EU/Germany 2nd reich but it's like a running joke bc she's kinda murderous and got that aryan aesthetic going on. 
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Nah, she's not, WW1 Germany doesn't have a Nazi yet.
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