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Jack The Ripper

since the new Cyphers game character: Clive Staples or best known as Jack the Ripper fanarts were all over my twitter timeline..^^; you people are so fast with fanarts

Jack The Ripper 2016 trailer: official animated video
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I'm a huge sucker for handsome maniacs, nice job! ~*3*~
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How in the world are you so good?! I'm over here just like :> hey and you are like AMAZINGNESS. XD I know it's bad to look at how bad my art is compared to yours /__\
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You're so talented! It's a real pleasure to look at your gallery!
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Ilike your art!!
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The animation for this is so fantastic as well as your fanart. Wish it was an anime SO bad!
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It was all lies! I just watched that trailer, a few months ago the fight scene between Jack and the girl circulated as Harley Quinn vs The Joker! 8O But now I see it's not them!

Azum art!
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Reminds me of the movie, The Empire of Corpses.
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Reminds me of Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians
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Excellent take on the character, that's amazing
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Was this meant to be an attack on the Rise of the Guardians version of Jack Frost and how romantically incompatible he is with Elsa?  Why else would you give him white hair and make him an attractive teenage boy?
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That's his design in Cyphers. He just has an uncanny resemblance to Jack Frost.
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omg so ammazing keep up the awesome work
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That, my friend, is a masterpiece of any art ever!
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I wonder what he rips open if you know what im sayinnnnn........Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
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when I saw the name I thought of Raiden:| (Blank Stare) 
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Im in love with him ❤❤
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He looks a little like Jack Frost 
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That is awesome my friend
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1) Amazing piece. I've never heard of the character or game till now but this looks brilliant. :D I've always been a fan of your skill in detail work on hair and clothes as well as your shading. :)

2) Just followed the link and watched the trailer, it looks amazing and you got really friggin close to what he looks like. Awesome job :D
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With that hair, he looks a little bit like Jack Frost...weird. Anyway awesome artwork!
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