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Nobu and Okita from Fate/Grand Order
a.k.a the GUDAGUDA ship.

my Cintiq tablet broke...i've never been so depressed in my life :tears:
and that's why i've been playing FGO again nonstop these last few days bless this game

Nobu alone
Fade to Black by kawacy
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Really excellent work you did right here! I'm most impressed by how this looks entirely~ Please if anything, keep up the wonderful work and do your best too^^ I hope you'll draw some sort of action/fighting scene or something. Look if you want too really. I'm just suggesting that's all~

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These two are soooooo cute X3333
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Just found your art of these two and now I ship it hard. (>w<)/

Beautiful art btw!
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These two really go well together. :heart: Love the movement in the picture, not just a posing picture.
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"C'mere, baby..."
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Love your work. Makes me a little jealous though so I kinda hate you..Just kidding
YOUR CINTIQ BROKE! I just got one a few months ago. you have my sympathy. Hope you get it fixed ok.
From your beautiful fanart, it's impossible to tell these two are crazy idiots from a gag manga...
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I am so sorry for your tablet :(
Is it definitely broken ? Will Wacom send a new one ? :(
Anyway, I love your art, you are wonderful, I wish I could draw as well someday.
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Oof. I hope your tablet is fixed. Also awesome as always man! Love lil Saber's expression there
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Im just gnna said, shet this is good. I am also a Fate fan and I play the game. I started not so long ago though. Anyhow, would you consider giving the friend cofe maybe to add chu? I mean, more friends the better right
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Yay fellow Fate fan :D i play both the JP and EN versions though lately i play the JP ver more cause there are more characters in it..anyway my friend code for the EN version: 949,439,269
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Wow, such flow ! It's amazing !
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love the color!
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really nice gesture, love the way how he is taking her away <3
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Oh, no! Do you have a back up cintiq tablet or were you able to fix it somehow? How badly broken is it?
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So bad that it only shows black screen despite the power is on :/ currently i'm using my old Wacom Bamboo tablet cause i don't have much choice
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mercury & venus ...
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