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Bride Ryuko from Kill la Kill ep.21: "Incomplete"


Sorry for my absence, it's holiday month and I was on full vacation since December spending quality time with family&friends thus I didn't really have time to draw :(

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Ryuko by kawacy
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stunningly beautiful

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damn how long did this take?

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So pretty! I love detailed dresses like that and her expression is so stoic and intense. It's such a neat contrast between her look and weapon and her dress. :D
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Dude. Headache or what from all these transparances?
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Mattoi Ryuuukoooo!!!!!

She's always awesome :) 
hmmmm... reminds me of urakanda
What is up with these tiny images honestly. You need to double their size because the image looks bad with Deviant Art compressing the image to such a low quality.
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She looks like she means business! Nice job!
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Don’t mess with the bride.
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amazing work!!
man I rember you said in one post that you wanted to draw like a master but honestly your stuff is one of the cleanest, most beautiful and professional stuff I've ever seen. how'd you even come up with all the crazy beautiful rainbow flares and saturated plus complementary colors its so mind blowing. I can just CLANNAD AS - Ushio Crying 

god I love how you just color theses things so beautifully. For The Ladies 
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I freaking love Ryuko owo
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that scissor sword is.... *kiss fingers* M A G N I F I C E N T
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Mako: RYUKO!!!!!!!!!! *run to hug her*
Ryuko: *dodges*
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she'd punch me and I'd say thank you
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