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I like you alright

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lol relax Okita it's not like she was trying to steal your virginity

Oda Nobunaga and Okita Souji
a.k.a the GUDAGUDA ship.
from Fate/Grand Order

Bullet; RedThank you for Pixiv Daily Ranking Number#2 on this piece + all the love on Twitter!!!

based on short comic made by うにゃ
Thank you as always for the permission to remake and translate this wonderful short comic!

Remake illustration + translation by me
original concept + story by: うにゃ(unyanai)
original Japanese version: link

more Okita&Nobu
Confession by kawacy
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© 2018 - 2020 kawacy
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lol they're so cute. I liked the joke with the pudding at the end too. :XD:
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KibourinStudent Digital Artist
that's so cute
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RnxrProfessional Artist
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Such a nice comic! Great work overall! It makes me wanna get into comics and doing some on my own. I just don't know how to storyboard stuff...and lol my art style isn't that good at all XD
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It's beautiful :D
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Jinan-DangorHobbyist Digital Artist
No matter how many times I read the sentence "If you ask me, more like it's you Nobu who's crazy about me, am I right?", I can't figure out what it's meant to say. One of those words shouldn't be there...
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well it's a bit redundant but if you actually add another "it's" after the first comma it works too.
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More like there should be a comma on either side of Nobu.
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wargaz2783Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's adorable and the coloring is fantastic, very warm and cozy!
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AverageGuardLucasHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahahah too good. This quality is too high for a joke comic XD
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KaylaWatkinsStudent Digital Artist
If I didn't have lung, this art would breath for me. *Thank you for sharing more amazing artwork* CRIES LOUDLY 
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Lyroa Digital Artist
This is gorgeous...
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AnimeKinguHobbyist Artist
I dont get it
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StarkyDerpyHobbyist Digital Artist
What is there to get.
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AnimeKinguHobbyist Artist
 guess nothing o_O
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COOLBOSS13Hobbyist Digital Artist
No the pudding!
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LITATOStudent Traditional Artist
Awwww so cute!!
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pmeowmixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pudding!! Laughing my ass off! 
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KYUBI9x9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome *and* cute!
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UnicornFace100Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG <3 it Do you wanna do a collab any time???
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Your comics give me life. <3333 and make me gae
All of the expressions are a 100/10. :D
Please never stop translating and uploading them to DeviantArt for us! Heart 
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JapanZeldaHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's cute. XD
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zuuziiProfessional Digital Artist
It's Amazing....
Yay Yay Yay 
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