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I don't smile

Sei is my oc:)
my girlfriend will be fangirling so much on this haha

if you haven't seen him before:
First time we met.. by kawacy Black Blooded pg2 by kawacy
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I love the details! Awesome as always <3
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La love
Besides the magnificent colour and awesome shading to match, I absolutely adore the design. The white hair with that single blue streak matching his eyes - a little cliché but you still make it look good.
can I use him if I credit you?
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fucking beautiful
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This is an OC? how do you make such complicated clothes? and beautiful appearance choices! 
And also, I'm a random fan, but Happy Birthday! MenInASuitcase  You've always been someone I've looked up to in art, so thank you!
Error101-Chan's avatar
God know how much i love your oc ;-; <3
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Beautiful blue eyes. Love the scenery as well
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He's handsome...
I understand your girlfriend:3
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Looks "heavily inspired" by Dreadlord Ciel in the Elsword game.
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nope if you read his tumblr, this oc is older than Elsword's DL
LightofAzura's avatar
Regardless, it's dangerously close. I don't personally care, but you never know who'll get butthurt about this sort of thing.
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well just to keep things clear Sei was created at around 2010
when him and his GF was making some sort of story

I just honestly don't want people to start attacking kawacy
for something that he created waaaayy before DL's release

not sure if it was pure coincidence or Hwasang (designers of characters
from Ara to LuCiel, Rose not counted cause her designs came from DFO)
just stole things.

Then again I highly doubt Hwasang would do any stealing
considering they DID put original designs for the other characters they designed
so I don't see why they would need to steal designs if they can already do good ones.
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Wasn't attacking. I've had it happen in the past to where I'd created something way before anything similar to it was around, then something extremely similar to it comes out, and I got called out for what I had made long before. So there's always the possibility.
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I know, I just replied so no one gets the wrong idea
PSfreak2012's avatar
...*randomly comes up and quickly paints a smile on him then leaves*
My life goal is done..~ c:
Dark-Angel-Lana's avatar
I don't know why... But this guy reminds me of a character from the game 'Elsword'... Maybe it's just the hair
broqentoys's avatar
so much blue.... so pretty *u*
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did u get ur ideas from dreadlord because this looks EXTREMELY like dreadlord....Like tat could be his son.
I know right?They could be twins or something.

But I saw a post on kawacy's tumblr with artwork that people stole from him (the post also mentioned that Sei was created at 2010,way before Dreadlord was created).So either Kog Studios copied Sei to create Dreadlord,Dreadlord was based on Sei or it's a coincidence.
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He so cool and awesome
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He look's so awesome.
I-am-His-artist's avatar
His eyes are so pretty *_*
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