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I Command You

"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."

—Zero a.k.a Lelouch vi Britannia or Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass

this guy was really popular among the girls in my class back in my junior-high days :)
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And I will obey!!
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I'm in love with this 💖😍
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Now make Kururugi Suzaku please.
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And I reject that command. 

"That's because you're aiming to create a whole new world. I strive to improve the world." 
 - by me 

Dang, maybe i should write a fanfic about this? but dammit i have not watched a single episode of Code Geass!
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Bought this print at a con from you just yesterday. Beautiful work!
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Your art is perfect for games
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This print is literally hanging right in front of my face in front of my monitor as I type this.  Bought it at Colossalcon last year- it's one of my absolute favorites!!!
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ah -) he is still popular, as you can see :D
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An amazing style.
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WOW! Amazing artwork, congratulations! Clap Worship 
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Looks a bit girly, but guess he always was depicted that way, what a funny coincidence to see this now considering I just rewatched a couple of eps a few hours ago :la: my favorite anime, I'm practicing my Japanese so I decided maybe I'd watch it without subtitles to rely more on my language knowledge to understand what's going on. (I just came back from Japan, and I'm surprised how few people speak English :O I was just lucky that I understand a whole mountain of Japanese so I was able to communicate with everyone)

Lelouch was popular among girls in your junior-high days? I'm jealous, none of the girls in my entire school watched anime when I was in the junior high stage, I had no one to talk to about it :saddummy:
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LELOUCHE!!! XD so awesome
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I love how it looks, great work!!
Can't wait for the new season
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Boa Hancock (Faints) [V2] oh my stars...
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The spice of my life
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Ahhh, I'm going to faint for a moment La la la la 
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He stole my heart<3 Number one for me!! eeek
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Still one of my favorite anti-heroes of them all. :)
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He was more of a successful villain than an anti-hero. You know all these villains that just wanted to make the world a better place but their methods were all wrong and so the heroes stopped them? That's Lelouch, but he was just unstoppable.  Suzaku was the only hero, but heroes are just so dull aren't they?
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He did succeed in his plan. :)
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