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How annoying

“How annoying.”

—Gladion with Silvally from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

with family:
Forever For Always by kawacy
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I just had to pull up Gladion's theme when I saw this.
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This is how you turn a whiny emo into an actual threat.
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Carpal Tunnel's irritating isn't it, Gladion?
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My dude you got real talent very proud!:)
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Dude your art is amazing, I'm a huge fan of Pokemon but I've always thought the art-style was a bit childish, but you make it look badass
BleedingBlackRose7's avatar
My boyfriend and I bought this very poster from your stand at Youmacon last weekend~! It's my first poster too~ I'm glad to have it after I've been one of your watchers for a while. Your art is all so very beautiful. If I had had more funds I would've bought more of your stuff.
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How is your art this good?!! This is really amazing!
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My god he's just so gorgeous ;p
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Very cool ◠‿◠
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I love Gladion ahhh
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wow ! He so cool ! I like this ♥-♥ !! 
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wow amazing drawing 
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Awesome Gallery ^-^
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I was just gifted this as a print from a good friend of mine at Tekko con!  I absolutely ADORE this piece! 
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Damn, those chains look so real it's almost like I could pluck them off my screen!
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I love this badass so much im struggling not to fangirl faint rn
Kryptoknight01's avatar
This is AMAZING.  You took my favorite little edgelord and made him look incredibly badass. :)
Patan-chan's avatar
WOW you literally just made me fall in love with Gladion again <3 THIS IS SO AMAZING
OtakuLifeXP's avatar
Omg this is amazing. He looks so cool :3 gladion icon 
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