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He's a man

By kawacy
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"You seem to have forgotten, so let me remind you...
that I'm a man."

inspired by a comic made by むらさき→…
characters are Gudako and Astolfo from Fate/Grand Order.
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Astolfo in a sharp suit, insta fav

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hola soy tu nueva fan

XenoRexPl's avatar

Its a... trap?

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yup Asttolfo Is A....Man

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Astolfo made me Bisexual, but this Straight Astolfo make mi think that maybe can I be gay
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And in that suit he's a man of style.
Darkest-of-Days's avatar
Very nice, I like the dynamic between these two characters, like there's both tension and some sensuality. :)
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I love it!
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Welp, he swing both ways, and was quite the player (again, on both ways).

Is nice to see people remembering this fact.

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When a maaaannnn loves a woman!~
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To be fair, he's kinda wearing fancy ribbons in his hair.. kinda easy to forget. :D
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Trap Astolfo is enough for me,

but Straight Astolfo is so hot

Rokaithehedgehog401's avatar

" I didn't forget, but let me tell you...

I can't keep a straight face."

Keep up the amazing art works.

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All the feels agdhdhfhf/////// They look so adorable ♡
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This is tremendously hot.
Pixiepastel94's avatar

* whistle ;) gorgeous!

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Wonderful and elegant!
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Either way, the guy looks like he's begging for a fisting.
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"The most handsome of the12 Paladins"
yeah, prince Astolfo looks good in everything
Tanooki-John's avatar
I rather see Astolfo in his usual outfits and not the standard male outfits which we rarely see him in.
superSAKURA64's avatar
This looks so good.
RyuYoru22's avatar
F yeah he is. He’s best husbando AND best waifu.
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