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Gold vs Face Lighting


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taken from March 2017 + April 2017 tutorial rewards :)

Full version (up to 18steps) + Step by Step videos ('Painting Gold' total duration: 10min 11sec ➡video preview: here | 'Painting Face Lighting' total duration: 9min 10sec ➡video preview: here)

:bulletred:Both tutorials are already available: here
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they look great! 
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Heeey i saw this post in twitter! Those gold items are really cool *.*
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Very helpful! Thank you!
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by frontside, do you mean our front perspectiver, or hers??
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this is such an aesthetic 
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It's amazingly beautiful! Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much! Fanboy Emote 
SciFiConceptArt's avatar
I thought the same... agree:) (Smile) 
AutumDragonflame's avatar
Wow, that kettle is so reflective!!! I am REALLY bad at lighting, but I think I need a simper tutorial before I'm ready for your level of advice!
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*tilts head* I think I have the same heart pendant. Mine has a clock on the inside.
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Kawacy's art is one of the most beautiful I've seen in my life, and I just love his style. So I've bought the Face Lighting tutorial, expecting it to be, of course a tutorial. I was disappointed because it's just a speed painting with no explanations whatsoever. I wish the artist was more transparent about what he's selling, so I comment publicly to save other people from disappointment.  
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Aw, really? Ty so much for the post, then.. I was seriously considering buying the gold tutorial, but if it doesn't even describe the techniques being used, then I don't really see the point. :/
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It's one of those tutorials where you can see the general method of how via painting drawing etc. then you have to try and imitate that. I suppose having a basic idea of how the progam/tools you have works is needed, so you need to have some experience in shading etc. 
It works for some, it irritates others. I blend these kinds with the other kind of tutorial where they give a step by step explenation. But it also gives you more freedom because then you're sorta forced to mess around to try and match it as closely as possible and thus you find Your method much quicker. 
But yea, stating it is not a step by step tutorial but a speedpaint tutorial is a necessity I think to avoid customer upset and ya know, keep them happy and satisfied.
(This sounded much better before the translation, ah well.)
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Hmm.. I might still get it, because I really do need the help with metal/gold coloring, but thank you so much for leaving the message letting us know what to expect from the tutorial, it really helped!

And I agree; just to be on the safe side, it's always best to upfront and clear about what's included in your product, especially when it's not like we can really ask for a refund if we're disappointed/it's not what we expected, you know? :)
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Happy to have helped! :3

I wish you all the best of luck in your artistic endevours. May the pencil be with you!
And may you have an actual gold something for refrence. :D
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When you will draw fan art from 防弾少年団 – 血、汗、涙 -Japanese Ver.- (Official MV) ?
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IF ThIs HapPens It woUld bE FriCkinG AmAzINg
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Thanks.. It's cool
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Thanks for the references. ◠‿◠
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Pretty and helpful.Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
thank you
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omg such incredible
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