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Going Home

Boo all grown up meets her “Kitty”.

...I cаn't be the only one who grew up with this movie, right? :)

and yes, i just got home after 4days in hospital though i'm still feeling weak. thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes! it gave me the strength to speed recovery
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This why we all wanted a sequel than just a prequel. Because we all wanted to see Adult Boo reunite with her Favorite Monster.
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Idk why this made me think ... but Spirited Away would look so good in your style.
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I grew up with it, too! :)
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This is why I wish we had a sequel to this film instead of a prequel.
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Nah I really think a sequel would’ve ruined things
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But they could've done anything to push the relationship between Sulley and Boo further
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You have a point there!
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That was one of my favorite parts in the first film.
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AWWWWWW!! I love Boo! QT!
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so cute and nostalgic 
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Oh my gosh... This is beautiful... Amazing job!
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I don't like Monsters, Inc. but this fanart is great!
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Your art is beautiful! I especially like this one, well done! ^_^
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It would make things more emotional and complex.
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I love this work of your so much. Well done indeed ^_^
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this is really sweet, and cute.
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MaaaaaaaaaaKe mE sAd 
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