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April 13, 2019
Forbidden Memories by kawacy
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Kida-neechan
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Forbidden Memories

Pharaoh Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh.
+with all five Exodia: "The Forbidden One" cards

thank you Atem for existing in my childhood
and also for protecting poor little Yugi all this time :’)
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Feline1989's avatar

Atem is so beautiful and hot!

This is amazing 👏🙌😍

Do you do commissions? I’m a huge long time yugioh fan and still collect cards I absolutely love this and would love to buy a poster to frame and support you on it!!!

Such a stunning art, really thankyou for creating this

Amane96's avatar

I saw this recently on a tiktok by @portrilux. I hope these people are supporting you the real artist, but I have a feeling they aren't since your watermark/title is absent.

AmiHinaLee's avatar

I just posted a link to this exact image on that very tiktok, hoping that anyone who sees it will support Kawacy. He deserves it.

LumiBlu's avatar

I just saw it as well and wondered the about the same thing.

Do you do commissions? As a huge long time yugioh fan I absolutely love this and would love to buy a poster to frame and support

I would like to purchase this. how would one go about purchasing your artwork?

NarutoByAri's avatar

Hi, how can I buy this picture as a Poster?

Okamidragon007's avatar

This piece is absolutely stunning! I love the look in Atem's eyes!!

JediSwordJaina's avatar

My roommate & I were at a local game shop and saw a print of this!! So glad I was able to find you!! We loved it so much! It's gorgeous!!! 💕💕💕

Mercedes0606's avatar


So you were the one behind this artwork. I saw this picture flying around in the media and was always wondering where it was from.

Now that I found you I'm gonna watch you XD

No seriously, I'm watching you now ^^

Nicrokout's avatar
Bro I really love your art it brings me back to the day yu gi yo was the shit 😭
OjiPrinceAbu's avatar
This is really cool! I love the way y poi u drew him!
steezyzoinks's avatar
Dang bro takes me back to my childhood 😭😁
Desenhunos's avatar
Verysalt's avatar

nostalgia has struck me so hard this time

Sunshineandgraphite's avatar
Wow....this is insane.
spooksperson's avatar

Very ethereal feeling into it! Plus very nostalgic!!! :D

Kiwi-R's avatar
So nostalgic! Love Love Love
dwi52's avatar
oww, I miss those time^^ Heart Heart Heart 
More like 'Sweet memories' Wink/Razz 
coolbitsgaming's avatar

Hello! Could I please use this picture for a social media post? I'll include a direct link to the source as credits, of course ;)

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