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Fifty Shades of Jumin

Mr. Han will see you now.

based on the infamous + highly requested bad ending of Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger.
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Tbh I really liked this ending

Best ending I ever seen
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Hi I’m new to deviant art, I absolutely love this work! I’m part of a mystic messenger fan page and I was wondering if I could share this on the page? If so it would have the proper credit
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One of the best pics of jumin ive seen yet omg and the title is everything beautiful job super sexy and mysterious🙂😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
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Just when I thought he's gay
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50 shades of Jumin Han lol
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Ikr right when I first saw it I immediately thought of 50 shades of gray.
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i'm slowly starting to call Jumin "daddy" i have a problem help me
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"Fifty shades of Chaiman-to-be"
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Omg first tike I got Jumin route I got this ending lol
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Jumin moja bragas. Se ve muy yandere lo cual me encanta.
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I've seen this before and absolutely loved it! After finding out Jumin became a yandere in the bad ending I wanted to get it so much! :happybounce: 
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Bad Ending two, I believe you're referring to? It's not "yandere", even. It's simply him being the kinky, overly possessive man he his.
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omg wow i didn't i LOVE spilers XD
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