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Drawing manga page step by step

roughly sketch in the note book / sketchbook,
make the panels,
roughly sketch digitally,
make the outlines,
color it(can be full color or just black and white),
make the bubbles and the text.
then faint:iconbrownnomnomplz:
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I'm dead from how BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING THIS IS!!!! X_X You. Are. A. Master.
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
this is a very beautiful tutorial!
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Oh my god!~
I'm getting nearer to my goal! I can draw the first step!!~ 
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I've been using this approach to work on making a personal comic, just for practice. I can't tell you how much easier it's been to have the first few pages already sketched up and waiting while I dork around with perfecting the first page. I don't know why I never thought of this method until I saw this guide. Thank you for sharing it!
Noctis-Tsukuyomi's avatar
Even in steps, this is amazing.
Kreydus's avatar
This is amazing! aahhhhhh! I have been gifted with this heavenly process! Thank you!
boochandraws's avatar
thankyou so much!!! this was so helpfull!!!!
Yay! Love to see what goes behind the scene. Thanks :)
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best tutorial ever!:)) lolz
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this is very very helpful!!!
JadeDrew's avatar
.... How do you draw the outlines?
TengakuGirlJin's avatar
YAAAAAAS!!!!! Its sooo great and Jin...That name tho..NIce
HinotoriProductions's avatar
can u make a COLOURING hair tutorial? PLSSSSSSSSS
Ymi15's avatar
Where's the like button?!
Satsuki98's avatar
i like this guy
i like this jin guy
amg-- //cries 
oh yesh jin is awesome
CCnekoko's avatar
how do you line art?
how do you hair colour?

how do you even?
mpfunder02's avatar
this is amazing!! I love seeing your entire process
ClassicMariposAzul's avatar
do you use Photoshop? owww this is so amazing :heart:
BloodyForYou's avatar
oh my gawwddd this is just awesome <3
14iv19's avatar
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AHHAHHAH, page #1 compared to page #7!

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