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Drawing hands: male vs female

teaser version from this month+next month's tutorial rewards :)
video, basic explanation, complete step (12steps each hand) with text and color palettes only available here
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Ur a real beast! Awesome
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Wow! Thank you for this tutorial.

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Woow thanks a lot! I'm so awful drawing hands, this will help me a lot ahhh
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I want a  hand skeleton,but okay...
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This is an amazing tutorial!!
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Very useful tutorial! Beautiful hands. It's amazing! :love: 
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Mercy Clap  thank you sensei :D
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thank u senpai q1Kraftwerk parrot 
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I am still drawing hands like this.
It was really helpful! Thanks for drawing tips
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That is rather interesting.

Although, titling it 'masculine vs. feminine' would be more accurate as not all hands from men and women are like this.

Not trying to sound like Ms. Obvious, but...(there are some who would be more vocal about this sort of thing)
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boi so helpful AHHH I need something like this in mah liffe Elmo en llamas :huehuehue: 
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I need about a thousand tutorials on hands (particularly the wrists) and even more for feet (don't get my started about ankles).  
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I've been looking for something like this!! thank you!!
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i use the same techinique
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What magic spell do you cast between step 1 and 2? 
Awkward stare ... by LayDeDeadpool  
LayDeDeadpool's avatar
Lol, no, I ment the line art 
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oh lmao, I assume he used a regular brush but made it smaller
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show me how you color c: pls <3
Lalottered's avatar
How do you colour the lineart to have similar colours?
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Keep the lineart on a separate layer, then lock the layer transparency and you can colour just the lineart without worrying about mussing the colouring of the hand itself (^ ^)

As for the "similar colours", they'd be colours slightly darker than those of the hand, but still in the same colour range c:
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