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Drawing eyes - mini version


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a super mini version just for a teaser :)
Full version (9 steps) + drawing tips + step by step video (duration: 9min 5sec) will be available next month: here
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Thanks for your share!

I'm CouponPlay. I want to follow this topic!

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Thank you for the tutorial.

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if we're interested in the tutorial do we need to pay the monthly on your patreon or is there a way to buy it by itself?
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saved me with this tutorial xDD
tyy and i luv yer arttt - keep it upp <3
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Shuddering Letter: W Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: W   Shuddering Letter: T Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: T   Shuddering Letter: I Shuddering Letter: S   Shuddering Letter: G Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: D 
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So beautiful! Charming eyes. Thank you soo much! :lovelyeyes: 
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do u go to art school? +0+
these are some P R O skillz here boi
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Hy! Just wanna ask, if I become a patron now, will this be available even then with the 15 usd package or it comes with the 50/80 usd packages? Thank you for your answer ^^ 
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OMG! These are so beautiful.
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its so beautiful 
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Are you draw in Paint Tool Sai ?Cheeky Little Guy, Huh? 
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I believe he uses sketchbook (application) but I don't know if that's the only one he uses
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the eyes are soo prettyy
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Holy shit! These are gorgeous!
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*tries to imitate*
*tries again*
"This doesn't look like it."
*erases and starts again*
*midway* Oh, mine sucks. aekfawegKUGwASKDFJGWIUEWLiusghcibu
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Step 1: Draw the eye.
Step 2: Color in the eye.
Step 3: Add detail
Step 4: Finish off by adding the extra detail
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Me on:
1- Okay, simple
2- Uh, how to do the blending and shading?
4- Oh, I give up. 

wacom Princess Bubblegum Table Flip Emoticon 
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1: k simple.
2: k simple.
3: uuuuh
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number 4 is actually pretty simple if you examine it correctly. You just need to add some highlights accross iris line. Also, you pretty much add some highlights with different colors in certain places of iris. And for the final touch, draw some white rectangle in top edges of eyes part. You do the same with eye-lashes.
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