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Drawing Hair (2019 ver.)

By kawacy
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Full version now available  here
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Very nice, this is actually one of your guides that I'm thinking of buying for myself since I struggle with hairstyles at times. :P It's a lovely guide, I really love that you included a bunch of different kinds and also different levels of detailing them. :)
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AdvanceRunHobbyist Digital Artist
do you use models for reference, and which models ?
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paakipaakiHobbyist Digital Artist
This was so helpful, thank you so much :D
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ketsamachanStudent Digital Artist
Awesome! Thank you so much!!
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mehappy647Student Writer
All of your art is consistently beautiful. #blessed everytime
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SakuraofchaosStudent Digital Artist
That awkward moment when drawing hair is somewhat easier than doing your own hair.

Eh, I'm growing out my hair then cutting it when I feel like it.
Which probably won't be until next year or the year after that.
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OfficialLadySKnight Digital Artist
very useful thank you Eevee gasp! Sparkle in the eye Princess Daisy Gif 2 Another Princess Daisy Sprite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Princess Daisy Peach Running Happy Princess Peach Laughing MLP Emote Rarity Bedroom Eyes Sexy 
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HiyaJinxxProfessional Digital Artist
Lovely work!
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wooow love it! I have to try it again and again! 
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KiraShadowMoon777Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Pixiepastel94Hobbyist Artist
super beautiful i love it!!!!!
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MarchiMArrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Why is there 2 different colors at the beginning of the drawing? Do u separate the layers first?
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Its to show how they section the hair when drawing.
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I once was seated behind a girl who had  her hair up in a pony tail, her hair swirled into a couple interesting patterns and I wanted to use it on one of my later drawings so I tried to sketch it, unfortunately it didn't turn out too great and I wish I'd asked her if I could take a picture, but at my skill level I always feel like I'm letting people down when I tell them I can draw. Anyways sample 02 kinda reminded me of her hair, except hers was more natural and rushed, so I thought I'd mention  it because... I don't know why.
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VanillaHareHobbyist General Artist
Those kinds of haircuts are always hard to draw. Thanks for this super handy references. :D
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UntitledAnimations Digital Artist
Wuah, this looks so cool! :D
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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
Astonishing references!
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Chie00chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Uwu so great and helpful thx senpai! .:Bunny in love: 
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SamuelzadamesHobbyist Digital Artist
Excelente demostration
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ScarletKnightReternsProfessional Traditional Artist
Simply gorgeous. 
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R-a-i-n-zHobbyist General Artist
Bless you QAQ !!
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