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Drag me down..

By kawacy
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most of you found me from my ben artworks :) but it's been a while since last time i drew ben
so there you go..literally ben drowned

sketch version from 2014: link
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That is really scarest creepypasta in the world. But.. why am I not scared in your picture, Mr. Kawacy? 
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Holy Crap....Did you ever attend South by Southwest in Austin Texas?!
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This is the perfect mix of "it's so beautiful" and "it looks so creepy" for me. Stunning artwork!
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Wow so beautiful, i love it
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nobody can drag me down //beat
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How did you draw this awesome bubbles?! Could you make a tutorial please please? ;;A;;
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Unspeakable sadness.
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I'm crying so much
I love all of your creepy pasta back in 2013
So seeing you draw Ben makes me feel so happy and nostalgic
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Sexy and love the bondage
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That thin thread of blood though it's just  When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
but seriously art goals
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AMAZING! I LOVE IT! (  anyways, its so great i used capital letters. )
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Omg, I love this picture. The detail in the water, clothing, hands, the message. This is wonderful! I wish I had faved this sooner.

Beautiful artwork! It really brings out the dark and somewhat sad atmosphere.
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Wow.... so it's not just me who found you because of Ben
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Amo esta obra *-*
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omg love it amazing detail!
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Why does everybody keep calling him "Ben"?? Isn't he Dark Link? Or am I missing something??
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ben is a creepy pasta version of link
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