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future Führer with her wife haha..

—Visha (Viktoriya Serebryakova) and Capt. Tanya Degurechaff
from 2017 anime: Youjo Senki 
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Such a great master piece, It's so Epic

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Tanya best psychopathic loli XD

your one of the few who drew art on youjo senki alot here is just weird/gross fetish "art" makes me love yours even more

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Lovely girl of the left! :love:

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Hey! I saw this on YouTube! It was the cover for a nightcore song called “Everyone Wants To Rule The World”!

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wow! I couldn't say anything more...
OH MY GOD YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've just inspired me ten fold :)
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Why "Führer"?! 
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by american underage laws in some states, this might be considered pedophilic

cause y'know tanya is like roughly 40+10 years old or something and visha is stated as a teenager, ha ha
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Furthermore, we don’t know if the businessman was gay, making her subsequently straight.
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her sexual orientation is clearly capitalism

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Joke or not, that really touches upon something.
The Holy Teutonic Knights of this world will probably politically clash with her eventually on her methods of using power, ESPECIALLY after the war. She will seek to apply her power to investing in industry, after the Henry Clay Frick style, only using her Ruthless power to terrify the workers out of even thinking about starting a Worker’s Union, seeking to prevent the kind of regulations that had (usually) restrained her in her previous life (whenever he could not find a loophole). The traditional Knights will stand up for the workers, instead, objecting to her cruelty. The Papacy had condemned Capitalism AND socialism in favor of Neo-Guildism, and they pretty much were the Templars replacement for 600 years through WW1. This is basically our world only with applied overt practical supernatural tools, like in D&D. Apart from that, most cultural and religious trends went in the same direction at least up to 1910. So this would be an inevitable scenario.
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Omg, yeesss! I loved this anime & I didn't know I shipped this until now!
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Tanya looks so evilishly good. ]; )
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OMG I SHIP, Tanya's face is 10/10!
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Well damn.... this rocks!
A comment on my FanFic brought me here to this one, and the search was worth it. This is a thoughtful, powerful image that meshes perfectly with the feeling of this story.
Mind if I link it in my fanfic at AOO?
my favorite anime, manga, light novel in the past 10 years
hey K, where can I get the source resolution of this one?
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