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Before the kiss

told ya she'd grow up and then they'd fall for each other :') it's a popular romance plot with immortal being in asia after all so it's predictable.
although I know it's gonna be bitter-sweet just like other immortal x mortal couples, this is my trope and once again I am ready to die for it.

ps. we might see this scene towards the end of the sequel :heart:
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Great art again and again!

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Oh my gosh YESSSS! I have been rooting for these two since the beginning!! :heart:

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Beautifully outstanding and amazingly done effects and details as always!! :heart:

Immortal ♡ Mortal couples can be beautiful and yes sadly bitter- sweet but always remember their love for one another :heart:

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This is so precious :love: :rose:

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This is really a masterpiece. I love the details you have in Rin's hair, the subtle bits of Sesshomaru's hands at her waist... There is obvious emotion that you can feel just by looking at the drawing... the colors and lighting never cease to amaze me! The lineart is always so clean.. and the background however subtle still adds to the image! My opinion on the Sess/rin thing aside, I love this work!

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Love this drawing. I used to like SessRin when I was younger, but IDK it's kinda squicky to me now (which is weird because I dig the immortal x mortal romance thing). I guess I just saw him as more of a father figure to her when I got older.

Part of me understands that just adding in a random human woman just so Sesshomaru can have half-demon daughters is a weak plot device and gives us no reason to care about the mom at all, but another small part of me is dreading SessRin to be canon for the reason that she is the only human girl he has a strong relationship with. I might be okay with it if the new series gives me some solid reasons to support it with some older Rin scenes, because the vast time jump between series still has me seeing Rin as a child, so of course I'm not going to be okay with that.

Honestly, though, I feel like Sesshomaru would have more likely ended up alone rather than with Rin, and I would have been fine with it. The whole sequel series is an interesting concept, but makes me disappointed that the parents had so little involvement with raising their kids (even Inuyasha's family, like what the heck).

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This is gorgeous! But the whole Sesshoumaru/Rin thing seems so forced to me :(

I just can't see it happening

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Thank you so much for your kind words and for being respectful! Although, I've been a fan of Inuyasha for two decades now, the moment Rumiko-sensei added Rin I immediately knew she'd one day grow up and they'd fall for each other in the end since Rin is the only human Sesshoumaru cares about so much that he even brought her back to life twice, so their relationship makes the most sense in my opinion. But it's okay I respect your opinion! :hug:

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Where are these characters from?

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Inuyasha and also from the sequel called Yashahime :)

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Great work! It is sad yet sweet, as you said... I never watched/read Inuyasha, yet I have to do it someday, it seems to be a cool story!

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Inuyasha is a big part of my life because I grew up with it ^^ can't even imagine my life without it. Hopefully you'll get to watch it too one day and experience the roller coaster~ :hug: Thank you so much for your kind words and love!!

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You're very welcome, and thank you for the kind answer!! :hug:
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Thank you as always for dropping a comment here TvT

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This is so sweet ;v; i love the detail.

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Thank you so much for your kind words ;-; I'm happy you like it!!

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You're welcome. (:

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