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Are you a boy or a girl ?

By kawacy
and since then Red doesn’t talk

p.s thank you for all the birthday wishes !
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The younger generation doesn't possess a sense of humor. However I'm laughing.


y e s. So true lol XD

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And after that Red was never the same again.....
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its funny because?
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haha being a csa victim is funny xd
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well um in his defense its hard to tell gender from anime faces ... Yeaaah thats what we'll go with 
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Gary/Blue probably wants to see.
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Aaaaand childhood ruined.

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I actually teared up, my goodness . . . :rofl:
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Welcome to the generation of 2018
Of not being able to say ladies & gentleman

Look what happened

XD please don't hurt me
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"I need an adult!"
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Halpppp call the police
I’m gonna sue him for all his poke balls
totally seems like a Prof Oak Move!!! And sadly, he'd be doingit with no ill intent- completely unaare that it's inappropriate... or the exact opposite
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I was just casually just scrolling through your gallery when I saw this....

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I love this one! :D (Big Grin) No, I disagree! OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: 
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Absolute comic genius!!!!! I love this joke so much and it definitely never fails to make me laugh! ^<^
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