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morning after you know what
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wow!! that's great 😳😳😳😳😳😳
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frhvjewbjg the color schemes! How do you do it

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Thank you for liking it :love: ah yes I love soft pastel color schemes too!

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Girl must be tired but her man seems to be more exhausted! <3

This is so cute, love it!

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Indeed :giggle: must've given his everything haha

And thank you so much as always for the love and compliment :hug: it means a lot to me!

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You deserve all the love ~~

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the title makes it sound quite ominous hahah

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Indeed :XD: but then again I couldn't think of a better title

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fair hahaha

the morning after or something along those lines would be too cheesy

It looks just incredible. Your work with color and lighting. It is amazing. You are very inspired.

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Thank you so much for your love and kind words! I hope to continue to inspire you :hug: I will do my best!

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My only question. Was there biting?

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It's quite messy after that and yes there was :XD: too bad you can't see it here

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awwwwww the little doll under the picture!!! And May is wearing Caleb's suit ahhh so cute I can't believe school made me late again! and you take care of your eyes Kawacy no need to overwork yourself I know you artists love staring at a screen uwu.

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The little plushie is everything indeed :heart: she loves cute things~

Don't worry about being late in the reply, you already make me very happy with your comments under my every post! That means more than anything already :hug:

Besides I've been kinda busy too with life, so my bad also for being late!

Thank you for the reminder! Will sure to rest my eyes :clap:

Caleb looked somewhat shocked at the response, but considering everything that happened, it wasn’t the biggest shock to him. May, on the other hand, brute she was, responded with “What kinda shit are you on about?“ The swordsman continued “You see, I’m from another dimension from the future, and the future in this dimension is pretty similar to the dimension I’m from.“ Blade spoke up next. “Where we‘re from, Alucard’s plan to take over everything succeeded, and now he’s a crazy hedonistic tyrant. Also, he‘s a lot more powerful for some reason.” Rayne then explained about their mission, to defeat Alucard and his equally evil sister, Missi. “Marceline and Dio are already dead in this dimension, but the rest of the vamps are walking. Right now, we’re about to attack Dio’s boyfriend, Pucci, who recently became a vampire. He’s tough, but we can manage. He’s in Dio’s old mansion, alongside his other boyfriend, Vanilla Ice.” May then interrupted. “Okay, then what are you named, “Son”?” The Swordsman looked up. “People call me Greyhound.”

Missi picked up the phone, and dialed Pucci’s number. He picked up, and wiped away his tears. “H-hello?” Pucci drunkenly muttered, he had took to drinking to ease the pain. “Yes, it’s me, Missi. I had Caleb killed. Can I have money now?” Missi rudely said through the phone. Pucci then got on his computer, and sent her the $100 million As a reward. Both of them didn’t know that he was still alive. Vanilla Ice, Dio’s other boyfriend, said “Do we still have enough for rent?” The priest nodded. Now that Dio is gone, what else where they to live for? Be Alucard’s new ass kissers? They didn’t realize that Caleb and the gang were about to bust in the mansion.

Alucard and the red cloaked man stared at each other, weapons drawn. This was the fight to end all fights...


A somewhat feminine voice rang out. “Y-yes Trevor!” The two said. Missi emerged from her hiding spot. “Who is this? Oh it’s Alucard-“ “TREVOR!” The man, who had long white hair, suddenly rushed over to her, and grabbed her by the face. “My name is NOT Alucard, it IS Trevor!” Missi cowardly backed away. “Oh- okay...” the man in the red cloak began with “Geez Trevor, I prefer being called Hellsing, but whenever someone calls me by my REAL name, I don’t get in their face-“ Hellsing grabbed Trevor’s face “And yell HELLSING! MAH NAME IS HELLSING!” Alucard and Hellsing shared a hearty laugh. However, a death glare from Trevor caused them to stop. He may have been the weakest Alucard, but he still scared them. “God, do you EVER clean? I’m calling Death, he needs to see this.” Both Alucard and Hellsing begged “Not Death! We can’t let him see the room like this!” Missi decided to beat it, and ran off While Trevor went full Karen. “We’ll do anything!” The two longer siblings begged.


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This story is getting even longer :XD:

Yeah, and I’ll let you in on a secret, there’s THREE sagas, counting this one! This one’s about over though.

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Ah yes, we can speak of the naughties commited on deviantArt >:3......

MAY TAKE A BLOODY SHOWER.... That came out wrong. Just a regular shower.

Nice job as usual Kawacy ^^

kawacy's avatar

Thank you for making my day with your reply!! :XD: I actually loled

Thank you too as always for your wonderful reply! I look forward to see you again! I will do my best :clap:

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XD wonderful to hear.

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Ai ai que lindo, a progressão romântica dos dois atingiu o maior nível de confiança! É muito bom ver como ela transmite serenidade, foi tudo tranquilo, Caleb sendo um cavalheiro como sempre TuT não me canso de pensar nisso, como ele é gentil e amável com ela. Admiro ele ter conseguido conter seus instintos de vampiro, o amor é mesmo a força maior, que permite a todos fazer coisas que parecem impossíveis.

É muito sexy ela usando a camisa dele, acho que ele ficaria encantado ao acordar e vê-la dessa maneira, será que o Caleb ficaria aqueles segundos processando tudo o que aconteceu e tipo "uau, deu tudo certo, ela esta bem" hauhhsuahsuahu, desculpa, eu fico pensando muito em coisas bobas.

E pensar que ela dormiu ao lado dele quando estava doente, que cuidou do Caleb, que depois ele cuidou dela, toda uma troca de carinho, crescendo e aumentando o sentimento deles. Você criou uma historia muito maravilhosa, Kawa... Não sei o enredo do jogo em si, mas sei que você foi muito além e está transformando esses dois em algo que vai além das estrelas, por que é tudo extremamente lindo!

Uma observação ali, pobre Caleb cobrindo o rosto por causa do sol TuT tadinho...

Enfim, sem mais delongas, já que eu falo muito ^^" espero que esteja tudo bem por ai! Estarei no aguardo de novidades :3 obrigada por sempre mostrar para nós o seu trabalho!

Até mais!

Pikachu want it

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