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2017 Sketchbook Collection

By kawacy
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2017 sketches i did on Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet with Autodesk Sketchbook app (full version).
from left to right:
1. Akira the protagonist from Persona5.
2. Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh.
3. C.C. from Code Geass.
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Mizuki-ChamaStudent Digital Artist
REGRET!!!!!  CHROMADEAR!!!!!  YUFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN THAT ORDER!!!!!! <3
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frezeusHobbyist General Artist
Hi kawacy! Just wanna ask what size of samsung galaxy tab A you're using? Is it 8.0, 9.7 or 10.1? Looking forward for your reply sensei!!!
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shawn1013 Digital Artist
Aaaah i use the same app qwq but whats ur brush settings? Idk how to color hair properly qwq and urs is amazing..
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Amazing work. Totally jealous of them EPIC! skills.
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SunflowerInTheRainStudent Traditional Artist
You did this with that program and on a tablet!?!?!?! HOLY HELL
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do you use the regular brush setting or have you modified it to your preference? > v <;;
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Awesome.... *-*
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LetusdieinaholeHobbyist General Artist
oH MY GODD!!! +0+
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Can you upload you C.C. sketch
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Wow first time I see someone using autodesk sketchbook :o I do as well :D Your art is amazing !
Akira here is just... omg <3 !!
PaperArmor's avatar
Can you download FireAlpaca on a tablet like that? (Also I like the Persona5 art!)
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YukushimaHobbyist General Artist
I don't think so, but I'm pretty sure that you can download medibang pro.
PaperArmor's avatar
is Medibang Pro free to download?
Yukushima's avatar
YukushimaHobbyist General Artist
Yes, you can find it in the appstore free to download.
PaperArmor's avatar
okay thank you
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JasmineteaxStudent Digital Artist
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synergeticinkHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you do all your art from start to finish on the Galaxy Tab A?
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FacelessVixenHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, shit. If you can do this on a tablet that my mother uses, then I can only imagine what I can do on a Surface with Clip Studio. Not saying that I'm the better artist by any means. I'm a lame-ass graphic designer that's inches away from dropping out of an art university for fuck's sake. I'm taking this as inspiration to stop being a lazy motherfucker and actually draw something for once.
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ayakolove300Hobbyist Artist
Autodesk sketchbook iamma get that app for free on Google play>.<I can't wait
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chan1149Hobbyist Artist
Wow just wow... I cant do this yet on my sketchbook. This is amazing.
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celuniaHobbyist Digital Artist
wow O_O
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ama-chiiHobbyist Digital Artist
P5 Protag tho aaaaaa
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Aka-niiHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow...Just....Wow. 0o0
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