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My name is Kawano Chihaya, you can call me kawacy.

I'm from Japan, currently residing in Tokyo.

I studied abroad for years to learn english.

I'm sorry if I can't reply all of the comments.

But I do read them and would say thank you very much!


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I adore your work, and I was wondering if you did commissions, or if you have an online shop where you sell prints?

I don't know if you reply to notes or not, but I would seriously love to become friends with you.

People who are spreading misinformation about someone like this is just messed up. Yes, it's weird for a father figure to fall in love with a child he has raised, but you aren't looking at the big picture here,

  1. He isn't her biological father.

  2. She's 18+ and CONSENTED.

  3. Yes, other people's feelings should be looked at.


I mean, I hope the people who dislike kawacy for that simple fact doesn't watch Game of Thrones, because if you like GoT and don't like this... there's something wrong with you.

GoT = Two twins (SAME MOTHER AND SAME FATHER) fucking. I mean...

Two each their own, but you'll be just a hypocrite for it.

Kawacy, keep up the great work my dude.

Thank you so much for taking your time to write this. You don't know how much it means to me. :heart: I will never forget.

Lately, there have been a lot of artists especially asian artists who were attacked on social media for their art and fiction because their fiction did not fit the society's real life "moral standard". Some of them were forced to leave social media forever and honestly I was really sad to see that.

I was told to never bend the knee because once you do, they never stop. That's why I do my best to stand my ground. But it's impossible without your support, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back. :hug: I appreciate it. I really do.

Not to mention, you know how to separate fiction from reality.

I don't usually bother to give explanation to these people since it's pointless because most of them won't listen anyway and most of them are disrespectful forcing their opinion onto others so it would be a waste of my time to write an explanation.

Don't worry, anyone who watched animes and k-dramas knew exactly where it's going.

This trope is very old and literally is in most fiction.

I live and grow up in Asia.

And let me tell you, that this trope, is very popular in Asia and has been here for literal decades. It's considered one of the purest form of love and the most beautiful one here.

The plot usually involves an immortal being meeting their partner when they're very young building their companionship and eventually their romance purely through trust and compassion. Nothing sexual.

That's why you see this exact romance plot everywhere in a lot of animes (ex. Hana to Akuma, Hotarubi no Mori e, Inuyasha, Shield Hero, etc) and K-dramas (ex. Hwayugi, Goblin, Tales of the Nine Tailed, Nokdu, etc)

And that's why I can't ever take them seriously nor personally if they try to cherry pick when other series exist with the EXACT same plot as mine but only mine gets scrutinized.

The love is very pure and if they ever think it's sexual or morally incorrect according to 'real world standard' when it's literal fiction and nobody is hurt, then it tells more about them than the person they're trying to call out.

And yes, agreed. :)

Back in my days, if something triggers someone so much, they can just block and move on.

Joining asian fandoms but proceed to force their ‘moral standard’ of what a good story is like sounds very much like colonialism to me, in my humble opinion.

It's a shame people like that can only point out in a really good series, book, comic or manga. That, that is the one thing they decided to actually just wanted to point out. It's like they didn't seem to take in consideration, your art, the story you gave them, the countless; days, nights, weeks, YEARS it took to get them the way you like them, the multiple times you had to keep doing it until you got it just right.

And you're right, the same exact plot does exist in some anime's and I didn't even really bother to take that into consideration until you pointed it out. InuYasha is a long time favorite of mine, in fact, the very second anime I've watched. I like how no one's bothered by how he's a 50 year old half-demon and Kagome is a 15-year-old middle schooler. Sure, they didn't like each other at first, but EVERYONE shipped them,

(If you don't count the other ships; Kouga, Sesshomaru, and there's probably even a Nakago and Kagome ship out there, somewhere). and they eventually got together BEFORE KAGOME GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL, MIND YOU LOL. Point is, people still shipped a non-adult with a 50+ Year old demon, and even better, when she goes back to her home, her era he's a 500 year old demon. Not to mention Miroku being the lecherous monk that he is.

I don't understand why you're given so much bullshit over it. You're just doing what's been done a few times, but putting your twist on it.

(Also sorry, had to give myself sometime since you actually replied to me. Didn't think you would have, it's because mostly artists I look up to don't and it's understandable due to them being busy or just, y'know, not wanting to. But thank you so much for replying, like it made my entire night, I shrieked so much my friend had to come check up on me).

Other than all of this, I bought your brushes on Gumroad. Your tutorials and your brushes help a lot. Thank you so much. Also, just... I would love to become friends with you.

(I said that in a previous note, but it might go unseen since it's so small and this one is big so it might get seen).

Stay Hydrated!

Fun Fact:

I didn't know your first name was Kawano, so I was calling you Chihaya or Kawacy for so long.

I don't mean to offend if I did-

I have unwatched you. If you are found in Canada with your "other" pictures, you will end up in jail. I just hope, fervently, that you never come in contact with children.