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Serenity Class Transport

By kavinveldar
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My Serenity class transport, in all her glory... complete with mini-shuttle!

Original parts from the Star Wars Design Forums!

Another challenge completed!
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Is there a deck plan for this? I've been looking for a design for my OCs' ship Malcolm's Liberty it would need at least one cabin big enough for this.

Mature Content

May the 4 be with You by Opai-Exedra
 FYI: that's my crew.
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It has the same layout as the Serenity from Firefly... so yeah... you got plenty of room for your....crew...lol
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Good to know... :thumbsup::D
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Very cool! I like it a lot! Sure invokes the grandeur of the Corellian YT-1300 and the Corellian corvette. Maybe even the Firefly-class transport from Firefly.
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It's like Serenity from firefly!
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I think that was the general idea.
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I love it. I know you don't usually floor plan your ships, but you should see if you can floor plan this beauty out. I'm sure one of the guys at the Design Forums would love to help with this.
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Get me in touch with them and I'd gladly do it. The Serenity class is one of my favorite designs now, and I love working on it.
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Thats very cool, but thats alot of glass for the cockpit! I'd suggest something like on the corvette, very little to no glass. Just a suggestion!
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Glass? Whats that? Thats transperisteel! Remember, Star Wars universe!
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