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Samui 2.0 Guikit for Windows

Samui 2.0 Windows Port .

Samui 2.0 is a professional Mac OSX theme , originally made by Brian Zeitler for OSX.

Ported to Windows by Kavin Amuthan.

2. Contents
Samui 2.0 Visual Style (10 substyles)
Firefox 1.5+ skin ( 3 skins , with fission support)
iTunes skin ( Blue , Graphite , Desat blue)
Trillian iChat skin
Objectbar ( 3 subskins = Blue + Graphite + Desat Blue)
Styler Toolbar ( Blue and Graphite + Desaturated Blue)
Miranda-adium Skin (Blue + Graphite + Desat Blue)
VLC ( Blue + Graphite + Desat Blue) (3 Variations)

4. Credits
Thanks to Brian Zeitler for the permissions and resources , and creating such a beautiful , useable Theme.
Thanks to ~javagreen for his help in criticism .

Thanks to Austin123 and Blaze for the initial help and resources.

Base skins:

Thanks to ~danimator letting me use his iChatAV skin as a base for Samui Trillian iChat skin.

Thanks to ~BazonBloch letting me use his Safire theme as a base for Samui Firefox skins.

Thanks to Crni letting me use his Milk OB as a base for Samui OB.

Thanks to Philou letting me use his Miranda Adium skin as a base.

Thanks to Mimeryme letting me use his MaxVLC skins as a base for Samui VLC skins.

Miranda skin is inspired from ~Jet-Stream 's miranda skins.

Hope you all like it.

© 2006 - 2022 kavin
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❤ thank you, ❤ brigadinha! ❤