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I'm thinking of taking some of my old deviations out of storage. I'll be choosing a handful on my own but  I took some old deviations out of storage, oldest one being from 2009. If you have been following me in the past and remember anything you'd like to see again, go ahead and let me know (:
UPDATE: Hey guys! There are still three spots open for this FREE request, so please don't hesitate to comment with your request! (:


I am currently taking requests for ponifying OCs. This involves your non-pony OC and my pony drawing skills, meaning I will turn your OC into a lovely my your little pony. The point of this short project is for me to get my creative juices flowing! (and also because I miss drawing ponies) So request away!

:bulletblue: OC must not be a My Little Pony.
:bulletblue: Must provide at least one reference.
:bulletblue: Must comment on this journal to be a valid requests (no commenting on deviations or sending notes, please).
:bulletblue: I reserve the right to refuse a request if it contains overly offensive material.

I will only be taking the first 6 requests (because mane six get it? hahaha...)

- Kavic


To-Do: (Not in any particular order)
:bulletred: OPEN
:bulletred: OPEN
:bulletred: OPEN


Pony Aor by kavic 
:bulletred: Aor for PanaceaTheAnti-Venom

Pony Derek by kavic 
Derek for Maurili

Pony Leokah by kavic Leokah for ice1517
For those of you newly visiting my page, I am back after a looong hiatus. All old deviations and favourites have been removed.

I need a place to get started to draw again. So! I will be taking requests for a short time. Link drawings of your original characters (OCs) here and I will try to draw them in my style (regular or chibi). Every kind of character is welcome!

OC Requests are closed. Ponify-Your-OC Requests are open. Please comment at -->[LINK]<-- for those!

- Kavic



Ruby by kavic
 Ruby for PogoMan89

Melanie by kavic 
Melanie for KageRyu798

Liya Fiore by kavic 
Fiore for PeachyProtist

Philip by kavicPhilipp for Kuroo-Ken

Kyoko by kavic 
Kyoko Hino for RambaRal4OWNAGE

Victoria by kavic Victoria for jadelh 

Anik by kavic Anik for Frey-ofthe-Arcane