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Schwa Sketch Dump by kavic Schwa Sketch Dump by kavic
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Here is a collection of sketches of my new OC pony Schwa, all from my two linguistics notebooks over a course of about 1.5 weeks worth of classes :3

Drawings are NOT in order of time drawn. Please excuse the bits of my linguistics notes on the sides xD

I apologize for not adjusting my scanner, but I realized only after I've scanned in quite a few that the contrast setting was sort of wrong and didn't want to go back to re-scan ALL the pictures. As a result, lightly colored in areas have not shown up clearly in some pictures...

A little background on the pony and her name: Schwa is an alicorn, as a princess of some far-off linguistics-based pony land. Her name is an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbol schwa, which is written like this: ə (it symbolizes sort of an "uh" sound, like when you say "about"). Her cutie mark is [ə] with the brackets, as square brackets are often used in phonetics (you can read more about IPA and Schwa at their respective Wiki pages). Still a pretty young filly, her hind hoof-fur line resembles sound waveforms.

Her mane color has been determined as blue and silver as suggested by ~Vanatul, but her body color has yet to be decided. Suggestions welcome! :la:

A lot of the sketches will be lined and colored eventually... Feel free to vote on which ones you want to see finished first! :D


1. The beginnings of Schwa. I was really just doodling a random pony, and this little pegasus came into being.
2. Schwa crying ): Wah.
3. Finalized concept. I ended up taking out the necklace though.
4. Flying angry Schwa
5. Reading is fun!
6. Schwa talking to a young pegasus
7. Not sure if you can make it out... Schwa is falling into bubble tea! ):
8. Oh no, what?
9. Concept sketches of Schwa as baby and toddler
10. MAGGGIIIIIIIIIIC! Also that's some sort of a blue-and-silver egg. I might use it in Schwa's backstory, or maybe make a short comic with it... Long story short, she was delivered in a mysterious egg :O
11. Embarassed Schwa and a baby Schwa hugging a teacup :3
12. Somehow came out as a fat galloping Schwa o_o
13. This is honestly my favourite of all of them! Schwa in a formal dress :3 DEFINITELY going to line/color this one sometime soon!
14. Hmm... Schwa's brother Ash (IPA symbol , cutie mark [])? Not sure what kind of relationship I'll give to this stallion, but definitely of the linguistics land family. So far an earth pony, he might become a pegasus, unicorn, or even an alicorn maybe? xD
15. Random annoyed Big Mac hurray!

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KassieFay Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
i love the filly in #6! ^^
kavic Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!! :D
KassieFay Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
u are welcome!
christomwow Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
nice drawing
kavic Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks (:
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