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AION Yumieko Ref 2018

By KaviArts
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General aspects
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Name: Yumieko
Nickname: Yumi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: 12.5
High: 1,63m / 2'1"
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partner: none
Birthplace: Sanctum

Race: Elyos
Familiy: Both parents are alive and healthy. They are soldiers in the duty of the Shedim-Lords and expect the same for their only daughter. They are proud and strict.
They are serious if its about the future of Yumieko. So it is sometimes hard to comply with the expectation of her family. Especialy, when you do not fit into the system.
But they love Yumi with all their heart, even when they can't show that to her often.
Father: Adolair (Gladiator)
Mother: Yumeia (Sorcerer)

Status: Daeva (divine warriors blessed by the god Aion before his death)
Deava are not imortal, but through the blessing of Aion, its only there bodies who fade into aether,
there strong souls survieve and the daeva can be brought back to live - that makes a final death difficult.
They also reach a very high age, some over 1000+ years, while there body aging process is realy slowing down to a point its only noticeable in a 100 years span.
Bonus: Only Daever are able to summon wings!

Job: none
Hobby: Reading Books (books are her passion, since she met an historian)

Backstory: When Yumieko was born her parents were sure she will one day be a Daeva like them.
And even if not; she could fullfill her duty in the war against the impudent asmodians.
In their eyes it was her destiny she has to fullfill. They were proud to have a child, which could follow in their footsteps.

But when Yumieko grows they saw that their child had her own mind of doing things or of seeing the world. Often Yumi ask for things she do not understand but were a taboo to even ask. Adolair and Yumeia which were highly regarded soldiers of the elyos army and wellknown and were respected by everybody saw that as a problem. Their way of handle her was to suppress Yumiekos being. Because of that Yumi learned to swollow what was on her lips to avoid her parents anger. She had to learn what was right and what not and got confused about the societys behavior.

With 6 Yumi questioned things which were normal for everyone and often gained derision from the other children. That was the reason why they started to avoiding her.

Yumi lived a lonely live. After she got old enough her parents left Yumi with an female Elyos guardian. A grown women which stands in her parents service. She was cold and strict and never became a friend. Long periods of time she didnt saw her parents and they missing her growing up. But the wish of them for Yumieko to become a great warrior still followed her growing.

But not even the women was cold - the house was it as well: it was big, cold and grey in Yumis eyes.
So Yumi sneaked out often to skip the private lessons with her guardian.  Yumieko loves the big and endless city and the sky - so much possibilitys she want to reach someday.

With 8 she sat on a bench - hiding from her guardian to get some free time for herself.
When someone spoked to her, whos voice she couldnt detect. Until a small animal showed up on her legs and looked up to her with his big black eyes: a white griffon.
He introduce himself as Andalion. He pleaded for her help to break a curse he gained by a researchtrip in the wild of Elysea. He couldnt ask the other elyos for help, because the way they are.
Together they sneaked into the librarary in Sanctum, were he knows a book in the old and prohibited section. Andalions explains that he saw her natural talent for spells and magic. Thats why most of the animals surrounding her. He saw that when she sat on the bench and know that she could help him. Yumieko helped him to change back into his normal form: a young historian guy, glasses on his nose and a friendly smile.
They instantly became friends. Andalion works in the library thats why he knowed here to find the right book to break the curse.

After that event Yumi found her passion in books and sorcery. She began to visit the library almost everyday. At first her parents weren't pleased about her relationship with that historian-dreamer. She had a duty to fullfill. But the fact that she learned more in view month than the guardian could teach her, was the reason they allowed her to stay there.

Yumieko and Andalion became good friends. Andalion teached her that the world is not just black and white, but rather even more. That she has to take a greater look, before she decides the verdict too early.
And she kept this advice until today.

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Yumieko © by me
MMORPG Aion published by NCsoft

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Updaatoooooo O///// 3 ////O )/ ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Yuuumüüüüleincheeeeen ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Dawww, so cuuuutieeeee~!!! ;;//u//;
(Duuuh, Sileth would like to hug her sooo soooooo sooooooo much! ;//w//; And as tight as possible! >//w//< but she is shy and kinda scared and she is not too self-confident so it would be hard, but she would really want to give her hug ;;//w//;;)
I really like detals, they are really reeeeaaaaally nice~!! (hah, we have same height! >//w//<) And her hair is soo cute~! 
Good job, I love it~! >//w//< (*Sileth waves~!* ;u; )
KaviArts's avatar
Thaaaaank yoooou~ ;;; U ;;; that means a lot to me, really!!
Haach those detailed killed me X"""D the armors are full of patterns in aion~ heheeh
Do you think they could get along? = w = yumi is an kind heart and could come along with many people, if they trust her <3
haaaah reallly? < U < i like this height! Its so cute xD
again thank you so much ; u ;

and sorry for the super late reply >_<;;; i'm just too busy!
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Finaly, finaly its there OMG its like a wounderful dream, awwwwwwwwwwwww, its PERFECT!!! Just look at all the detail!!!! I mean, we both know Aion = Detail, but woooaaaaahhhhhh you did such neat linearts and everything - I am never capable to do so X"D my lines tend to have theer own lives all the time X"""D Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I dont know where to beginn.... haaaahhhh .... its all so perfect ;///// 7 ////; Ok, ok, lets start with the eyes, haaaahhhh it always seems so simple to do, but she has so special eyes you only notice while drawing her (and fail X"""D) buuuut daaawwww, they are not only soooo pretty but also so shiny ;//// v ///; and pure and nosy and aaaahhhhhh YUMI!!!My god and her face is also sooo daaawwwwww <- so much in love with her and her hair.... haaaaaaaaahhhh its soooo cute and the colour and daaaww it fits the outfit so much and the outfit fits her personality and haaaaahhhhh she loooks like a pretty flowe > //// 7 ///< )/ Haaaahhhh and pretty elyos wings... not... well just elyos wings X"D Haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh <- still can´t get over the neatness of this artwork.... its to pure!!!!

Haaah and than I started reaging and first thought was: OMG I THOUGHT OF THE SAME BIRTHDATE!!!!!!! O//// A ///o` Hoooowwww???? JKdehjafejiehfjksdfkdjfrufkwwuuuuuhhhhttt??? Secoundly I thought: Oooooooooh Sanctum! No wounder she is so nosy for the world outside!!!!! Sanctum - the big golden cage ... than I thought: Wooooowwww her parents sound so meeeeegaaa Elyos!!! And her mother so simular O  3O (I wounder what are the names of our other Aion Chars... I only know the beginning letters ...or length)
And uuuuuhhhh thats how Yumi came to not only read so much in the books, but realy began to study and get even more curious! She had a good teacher!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, even If I tryed to tell you how much I love this ref and her, I would not be able to cover even 50%  \(  >///////// 7 ///////<  )/ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Hüühühühühhühühühühü!!! xD
Thaaaank you hooooon ;; U ;; after such a long time i finished a work wowie~
And the details killed me x"""D But i never gave up HAH! XD

OMG yeees, you saw that with her eyes??? XD it was really hard to get them into the right color and shape! i draw a lot on the eyes until i was satiesfied omg! X"D but now they are perfeeeect > w <
*hypes around* Hühühüh > w < I'M SO SOOOOOO satisfied with her ; U ; it IS just YUmi, right??
Hahhh tahnk youuuu~

Oh Yes dat ugly Elyos Wings x"D you know what i did there~  Undertale Sans Brows Emoji

The thing with the same birthdate was SO funny hahahaha XD we feel her! < U <

Ah yes yes she is an pure sanctum girl > u > thats why she is soooo curious about the hole new world XD (aah get it, geeet iiit? Sans and Papyrus Icon  ehh? eeeh? XD)

Hahahaahaha yeees, i want to draw her story in a manga so much ; U ; i have the panel in my head, but it will take a long time to do, so i dont know when i have time to do it < u <; hüh

Thaaaank youu agaaaain (>////////////3///////////<)//////
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Yaaaaahhhhh  ;,, v ,,; )/ ~ <3 <3 <3
Haaah I was exited for this, daaawwww,
 our little sweetheart >/// w///< )/ ~ <3 <3 <3

Oh yaaaaah! I totaly saw!!! O  3O
Yaaaah its so hard to get the right onces for her,
 that its yumi and not some randome char!!!

Hahahahahha X""""D Oh I know what you did with that clipped chickenwings! =  w´=
nom, chickenwings... now I get hungry ... <- feels like ay

Yaaaaah omh I am still so astonished!!!! O  AO )/

Pfffff bawhahahahhahahahahahha X"""D omg that kills me every time! ( and Kida too X"D)

REEEAAALLLYYY???? OMG OMG OMG OOOOMG!!!!!!! >////// 7 //////< <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Hühühüühhühüühühüühühühüüüüüüüüü!!!!

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrreeeeeee muh mausüüüüüüüü <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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