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AION - Khavyel Ref 2018

By KaviArts
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General aspects
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Name: Khavyel
Nickname: Khav'
Gender: male
Age: 29
Birthdate: 27.12
High: 1,95m / 6″5
Orientation: Heterosexual
Partner: Iincin
Birthplace: Pandemonium

Race: Asmodian
Familiy: Father: Khavalon (templar) & Mother: Yiantel (librarian in Pandemonium)

Status: Daeva (divine warriors blessed by the god Aion before his death)
Deava are not imortal, but through the blessing of Aion, its only there bodies who fade into aether,
there strong souls survieve and the daeva can be brought back to live - that makes a final death difficult.
They also reach a very high age, some over 1000+ years, while there body aging process is realy slowing down to a point its only noticeable in a 100 years span.
Bonus: Only Daever are able to summon wings!

Class: chanter
Job: alchemist
Hobby: studying for new possible scrolls for entchantment and better fighting skills.
Always preparing a bunch of scrolls in his free time especially for speed-scrolls. When he sinks in his studies, it's hard to distract him.

About: Khavyel was born as the only child of Khavalon and Yiantel. He had grown in a loving family. 

Already as young child he showed some typical characteristics he has today: Khavyel is open minded, polite, humurous, sometimes impish, but has also a kind and calm nature.
Just when he got older and learned about the world he became somewhat severe. He's not putting trust easily in a person. But if someone has his trust he will be a good friend, who stand behind his words and supports where he can.

He speaks always the truth, even if it's hurst.
Because of that he often got troubles as teenager.

His true nature is the ability to be optimistic even in the badest situation.
This mind-ability has grown from his will to protect the people and friends he respects and loves.
So when he has to, he will fight with all his strength - until the end.

The dark chapter in his life began when his only hero and father died. And his mother became deadly ill shortly after.
She could'nt bear the loss and shutted his only son out.
Khavyel tried everything to help his mother to overcome her misery and putted his own pain by side. He sealed them away.
But Khavyel could not help her, she died and was lost forever. At that time Khavyel became 13 years old and was a child who had to be an adult.

A hard time began for him.

Khavyel lost his faith in everything and has sunk into an black hole of nothingness of which his friends could'nt pull him out. Even his current girlfriend was not able to bring him on a better trail.
He was aggressive and belligerent and often he started a fight (mostly justified) just to relieve his anger about the unfairness of the world. His friends than left him alone and break with him, not able to handle his friend.

Later a good friend of his father who was one of the supervisors of the asmodian forces in one of the boot-camps heard about Khavalons son and seeked for him. His name was Ronim.
With patience and kindness he brought Khavyel back to a normal state. Ronim convinced him to use his abilitys for the greater good, because he saw what Khavyel was capaple of (he saw some of the fights and what they were about) and that reminded him of his father who was a strong and respectfull men with a hugh sense of justice.
Khavyel overcame his emotional problems and began to work hard to become a good soldier as his father before him.

At that time he earned the state of Daeva.

Khavyel chooses the way of a Priest and was send to another Trainingcamp by Ronim where he could improve his abilitys and deepen his interests to come to his settled goal: to became a Chanter.

With 19 he met Aywana and Lai and found real friends, which he could relay on.
Together they grew and got stronger - and getting closer to each other.

One year after his training he became a Chanter and found his vocation. Furthermore he devotes to alchemy and became a talented alchemist.

With 22 Khavyel lays his eyes on Incin for the first time - and fell in love at first sight. That feeling was different from his first relationships he had and he wanted to be together with her to get her better known.
It did not take long and they became a loving couple.

(more will follow)

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Khavyel © Kavioli
MMORPG Aion published by NCsoft

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Khavyel's weapon - Jelrod's staff:

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Khavyel related-screenshots:

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Its there ITS FINALY FIIIINAAALLLY there!!! O////// 7 ///O)/  A ref we both where waiting for since YEARS!
Haaawwwwwwwwww and its so woooorrth it, so worth the wait =////// 7 ///= ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 As I already told you, my frith thought seeing it for just 0,001 secounds was already : WOOOAAH!!!!
Out awesome pretty boy, haaawwwww, he is JUST SO AWESOME!!!! And those wiiiiiinnngsss they just look like right out of the conceptarts!!!!! =//////// 7 ////=
Ouuuhhh his birthplac eis the same as Ay´s O 7 O

*links it under her refs, cause she was waiting for it for so long *