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Sparkle Brushes 1

These brushes were created in Adobe Photoshop CS4
using altered emitters from Particle Illusion 3.0.

Brush images have been included for those who do not have Photoshop CS4.


- If you choose to use these brushes with
a color other than white, try setting the
brush's mode to Linear Dodge (Add). Then
use the sparkle brushes on top of each
other. You'll notice that the colors
become brighter as you overlap the brushes.
This is a great way to get bright colors
with the sparkle brushes.

- Some of these brushes are meant to be
used on top of each other.

Terms of Use

- Do not redistribute these brushes or claim
them as your own.

- Not a requirement, but if you use these,
please send me a note saying that you've
used these. I'd love to see where these
have been used! :) (Please note: I don't
have a whole lot of time to comment/fav
but I will look at things you send me, it just
may take me a little while to see it/respond)

- If you use these, please credit them back

- That's it!

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and compliments on this brush set! While I don't have time to respond to all comments, I do see them and I appreciate the feedback.
© 2010 - 2021 Kavaeka
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Hello!  I will be attempting to use some of these for a recent commission.  And thank you for the use of these beforehand.  However, when I downloaded, I got the files but the actual 'brushes'.  How do I save them as brushes in Photoshop?  
Thanks for sharing with us the great post.
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Thanks < 3.
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I used your brushes here: Kubo Shiori Birthday
Many thanks!
SilentPlea's avatar
Thank you for the use of your awesome stock! :hug:
Sea Rock by SilentPlea
SilentPlea's avatar
Thank you for the use of your awesome stock! :love:
Safe Keeping by SilentPlea
inhayasha's avatar
looks so beautyful, cant wait to tr it
:D thanks for sharing
ash335188642's avatar
can i share your brushes to here? >
its all about photoshop for cosplay (in China
revande's avatar
Used your Lovely stock here… thanks so much for providing it! :heart:
LadyoftheApocalypse's avatar
revande's avatar
I used your lovely stock here… thanks So much for providing it! :heart:
revande's avatar
Used your lovely stock here… thank you So very much for providing it! :heart:
Weirda-s-M-art's avatar
I am so happy I've found great brushes I can use for water splash and some pretty effects, thak you very much~!

As for now, I used here:…

I'll be sure to credit you!
Fay-Dulcinay's avatar
Thank you for the brushes :) They are so nice! I used some for colouring my drawing! :…

I'll probably use them again eventually (and gratefully credit you back of course! :D )
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Kavaeka, Thank you so much for making these brushes available.  Here is a picture that I used them on:…
It really helped finish the picture.  Cheers!
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Used here - thank you!!
lucky7number7seven7's avatar
You don't mind if these are used in commissions, do you?

They're incredibly cheap - 5 points in average.

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