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hello !

screenshot :D >> not really XD
I havn't drawn for month! so today I burn up ! opening all the inspiration songs and start drawing ! 

hum..  :/ .. I'm drawing now by SAI .. I just want practicing using my pen ( this is my pen tablet I've told you about ) it's WizerdPen genius 5x4 humm its age around more than 6 years you count it , I bought it  2005 ^^

well , I want to try Sai .. everyone is good in using it I"m still newbie XD
I draw myself wondering "SAI?" :giggle: yeah because it's unusual using it , It's my  3rd time draw on it ! 

Just edit some part , I think I enjoy drawing by SAI , maybe in the future ,, who should I draw ?
Ah~ I'm hearing your song ! so it will be him for sure! will be the first !! >u<

Shiraishi: Ah~ Ecstasy !
Kauthar : who said it's YOU!
Shiraishi : I'm who singing now :love:
Kauthar : he beats me U______U

I hope you like it !! 

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Oh SAI is a great drawing program! Hope you enjoy using it :)
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I also started using SAI recently and need to practice a lot. I intend to make the Artline in Sai, but I'm not sure if I'll color with SAI or Photoshop. xD
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we are together then ! :D 
so do I , I'm not sure if I could color in SAI or draw only as sketch ^^;
let's enjoy using SAI 

thank you for sharing :la:

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Yup! Good luck to us! ^^ 
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Ah I use SAI too! And yes, SAI is a good program for beginner since it's function is easier than photoshop (and it produces a really soft strokes when you use tablet pen too :9)

Good luck with it Kau-san-sensei! Enjoy your SAI and feel free to ask me if you have any question about it //although I'm still a newbie at it too lol :iconasunaheheplz:
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yup ! I've seen your work in progress that you use SAI! you are good! to be able to draw a pretty drawing with SAI!
I'm beginner I can't draw perfectly , I think photoshop is easier !^^

thank you for your great offers! that's very kindness from you ! sure I'm going to ask you ! I'm very newbie !! >u< going to ask pro newbie! :la:
thank you again for encouraging ! let's see what's next I can be in ! :la:
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Paint Sai seems like a good art tool program I've been seeing. 
Enjoy your Sai then. :nod:
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I see! I always see everyone in DA is using it and get a wonderful result just by SAI .. I was carious ! anyway let's see what;'s the magical software would do ! :la:
thank you for your advice ! :love:
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You're welcome and I might try it one day. :)
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wah good luck then ^^
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do you mean the editing ? ^^;
I think you use SAI too , so I may ask the same questions to you :D
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great, have fun.
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:aww: yeah I remembered you while drawing ! Dr.Frank was using it :D 
thank you very much for encouraging !
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:la: do you use it too ??
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wow! you are talent!!
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You too!, but, it was the program I used in the past^^

I use Photoshop now OTL
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thank you !! 
I mean you are talent to be able to use SAI ! and you used it in the past :wow:?

I always use flash and photoshop now I want to try SAI HOw that become  ?XD
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Woooooo Sai!!!! Have fun with it!! <3
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