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Moni in New adventure -contest result-

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Hello again !! :wave:

contest result! , I got the second place alhamduliAllah ... :cries: so happy ! motto happy ... dying from happiness ! thank you my friends !…

I must finish this earlier ><' because the deadline has decreased
This is for contest ! :iconeipred:…

I draw her OC Moni :dummy: thank you for allowing me to draw her in my bombstyle ! that really makes me happy ! :la:
Who? you see someone ? yeah Pika ! :iconpikalaplz:!! Pika in bombstyle !! >u<

:bulletyellow::bulletred: Nomi and Pika in New Adventure :bulletyellow::bulletred:

Moni loves to play with Pikachuu everyday . Every day she makes new adventure from story book she had listen from her grandmother . She walked toward the garden . She always watering the plants . Pikatchu was smelling follower there "ehehe what are you doing ?" she giggled . Suddenly the dark seed jumped over her . Nomi acted quickly and called " Go! Pikachu! " ."PIKACHUU Pikachu with a strong lighting bolt hit the evil seed and fell into ground. "yeay!" both jump happily ! "today We are the garden guardian !" she declared "Pikaaaa" Pika agreed .

The End

just short fun story I made while thinking about the sketch :giggle: , It's my first time to draw Pika XD... I hope Pika looks good ==; When I started to draw I remembered i Shishi :iconmokonatenshi: who really good in drawing Pikachuu! I hope I could draw as she does ! you are the Best PIKA artist ! :la:
The sketch inspired by song Make us free na splash! Kasa neta hikari no kontrasuto abite ... you know this song right ! yeah , listening to the song without watching the anime .. bad me XD
then as usual I open Hosoya san Maxboys songs , then Mr.Ecstasy ...
after that I stopped ...
then , I really confused about background .. I don't know what to put ^^; I spent many time thinking front of phtoshop
I like the result .. but it's out of what I imagined ... :(

Worked on sketch : 5 mints
color & Lineart :1 hour
Background : 3 hours XD I spend whole night on it ! I didn't sleep ==;

but the most important ! I had fun :iconlaplz: Pika is in my style mowahahah XD

I hope you like it ! ~eipreD
and everyone too

© Pikachu belong to Pokemon
© Moni Belong to ~eipreD
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini
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© 2013 - 2021 Kauthar-Sharbini
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Thank you! Very much!
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Kyyaaa!!!! Pikachuu~! So cute, Kau-nee!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz:


I'm sorry for not commenting on your drawings recently Kau-chan, but I wanted to tell you that I still see and love all the drawings you submit!! :la: You keep on improving Kau-chan, I'm very proud of you! :hug:


I hope we get to talk again soon, I miss you! Have a nice week my dear friend :heart:

awwwww you deserved it :3
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Thank you ! >~< 
I'm so happppppy :iconaawplz:
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This is so adorable yet amazing. I love how you drew the electric effect. :XD:
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This is my first experiment to draw bolt I'm happy you like it 
Thank you so much ! 
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You're very welcome. :)
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Is very,very,very cute!! QwQ
asdasd - i love pikachu so much x33- nice draw!!
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Just a 5 minutes for sketchs?? Wow you're amazing sensei!
It's like an imagination just come to your brain! >o<

And pikachu looks very adorable too in your bombstyle! Maybe you should draw more pokemons in cute style of yours, I'm sure a lot of people will adore it! :icononiononionplz:
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pikachu become 1000x cuter here ^^
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Thank you ! I got shock to draw it for first time ever ! 
But I'm happy you like it 
Thank you again !
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Adorable, very pretty and cute :love:
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Thank you very much :aww:
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i love it ^^ :3
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Thank you very much !
I'm glad you like it !
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Awwwh this is so cute! And I love that you created a short story with it :'DYou kind of mispelled my name, Moni into Nomi, but that's okay x3
Love it!
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Oh no! :nuu: I'm sorry! I'm going to fix it !  ! My sketch is written her name correctly and I revise the link's Contest I don't know how this happen Maybe this result of not sleeping

Thank you !  I'm happy you read the story .. I will revision them maybe there is mistake on it too ..
Glad you like it and I'm very sorry 
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Haha, it's completely fine :'D
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
Thank you for understanding :aww:
Yay Pikachu! 10.000 VOLT :iconprussiaplz:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
Mowahaha yeah 100000000 volt thank you !:iconpikaplz:
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